High and powerful columns, perfect proportionality, grace of lines – all these qualities are endowed with antique architecture. The main feature of this style is the presentation of monumental elements in an easy and elegant way. The company “Gold Art Line” knows how to recreate the ancient antique art in your home!

Ancient art – then and now

For the first time, ancient architecture appeared in the 8th century BC and survived in a slightly modified format to the present day. An ancient style originated in Ancient Greece and Rome. Today you can meet examples of antiquity anywhere in the world.

During the period of origin and prosperity, the ancient architecture developed in two directions:

  • Doric – this direction was characterized by the perfection of proportions and monumentality;
  • Ionic – this direction promoted the appearance of an easy image and graceful lines.

To date, the architectural elements“of the antique style have been preserved and merged into one easy, perfect and monumental image. Currently, the architectural elements of the facade are produced with the help of light and durable materials, capable of conveying the spirit of antiquity.

Architectural elements of the facade in the spirit of antiquity

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The company “Gold Art Line” will dip you into the wonderful world of Ancient Greece and Rome!