Architectural stone



Technologists of the company “Gold Art Line” have developed their own technique for producing decorative elements from an architectural stone. The obtained results allow to draw a conclusion about the excellent physical and aesthetic properties of the products obtained. Let’s highlight the main advantages of the material:

  • attractive appearance
  • very long service life
  • ecological compatibility (natural ingredients are based on)
  • the ability to create elements of any shape
  • fast manufacturing
  • acceptable price

What is unique about our architectural stone:

  • Selection of texture and shade according to your desire.
  • Elements from an architectural stone can be used both indoors and in exterior solutions.
  • Architectural stone has an impressive aesthetic effect

Today, many designers offer their customers to use such material as architectural stone in creating external or internal “appearance” of the structure of a particular purpose. Many do not fully understand what this material is. At its core, the architectural stone is a fairly complex mix of various substances based on Portland cement or other materials. As a result of a rather complicated technological process, the creators of such a stone manage to obtain a sufficiently accurate synthetic “copy” of marble, granite, sandstone or limestone. Thus, when it comes to the architectural stone, it is worthwhile to understand that there is a decorative stone, which has an artificial origin.

The natural stone is used by designers of all times for not one thousand years, but today it has not lost its attractiveness. It is necessary to take into account only one nuance – quite high cost of natural stone. It is the price of natural materials that makes them less accessible to a wide range of people. Artificial stone, which is presented today in the market in the most incredible assortment, in its aesthetic properties and quality characteristics is not inferior to more expensive natural “analogs”, and therefore enjoys great popularity and is sufficiently accessible.

They make artificial stone, which you can buy in specialized stores, from such materials as:

  • sand;
  • High quality gravel;
  • a stone subject to special treatment;
  • gray or white cement;
  • special components to achieve the aging effect;
  • Various mineral pigments, giving the products a certain color, etc.

In addition, in the process of manufacturing artificial stone, take certain reinforcing modern technologies that ensure the durability of the artificial stone, the price of which remains more than democratic.

Areas of application of architectural stone

Architectural stone today is used in the course of works on the creation of objects of very different purposes – from apartment houses and private estates, to cafes, restaurants, theaters and other public places. Stone decoration is always appropriate and relevant and gives the building a unique style and charm. If it is an artificial stone, the decoration of decorative stone is used for:

  • finishing the facades of buildings, including decorative elements bearing it;
  • interior decoration;
  • zoning in the exterior and interior;
  • improvement of adjacent territories;
  • creating elements of landscape gardening, etc.

Qualified masters of the company Gold Art Line have quite a lot of experience both in the field of work with natural stone, and with its imitations (decorative or architectural stone). Buy a decorative stone you can in any specialized construction store, but only in the hands of professionals such material will be an excellent decoration of your house. We offer all kinds of exterior decoration works and offer mutually beneficial cooperation to designers and project managers. Cooperation with us gives such advantages as: transparent terms of transactions, convenient and the most modern methods of payment for services provided and a high culture of communication with customers.

If you have ready-made ideas, but you do not know how to implement them – we invite you to discuss the existing opportunities for a cup of tea in our office or by phone, which you will find on the pages of our official website.

The last samples of an architectural stone

Application of artificial stone for decoration of facades


фасадный декор


декорирование фасада



How do we create this?




We are proud of the result

элементы декора фасада


Each project is made by us individually and its price depends on complexity, terms of performance of works, location and many other factors. Send us your wishes and we will make a calculation of the cost of your project in the shortest possible time.

The deadline depends on the scale of the project, technology, location … We guarantee the implementation of the boldest ideas of the customer, the architect, the designer in the shortest, real time. Contact us and we will happily calculate the deadline for the completion of your project.

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