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Art painting in a modern interior, on the facade.

Interior design is an industry that is constantly developing dynamically and this is quite understandable. New trends in fashion, new materials, new opportunities. But sooner or later a moment comes when the sophisticated consumer is already very difficult to surprise. The liquid wallpaper or other novelties of the construction market are no longer a wonder, and therefore undeservedly forgotten techniques and techniques that return the interior to a unique and very bright one are returning to fashion. One of these techniques is the art painting of the walls, a photo of which you can see if you pay attention to our portfolio. Repair of apartments becomes a creative process, if not restrain their imagination about seeking professional help. It is worth noting that the artistic painting of interiors is only an element of decoration that requires careful preparation of surfaces, namely:

Other specific techniques designed to ensure that further work on wall painting was successful, and the decor itself had a long life.
On the other hand, interior painting is a kind of work that is quite versatile from the point of view of the starting surface. It can be applied on plasterboard, putty and even on plaster, if you know certain techniques and techniques of application. At the preparatory stage, we should also pay attention to the thematic focus of the painting, as this is also an important nuance:

In the kitchen, still-lifes and flower compositions look great;
The design of the living room is a very fertile soil for experiments, here you can give vent to your imagination and apply absolutely any drawing on the wall that is thematically close to you;
In the bedroom often choose romantic images, tuning to a certain emotional mood;
Children will not remain indifferent to cartoon heroes or cute little animals, put on the walls of a children’s room, etc.

What else is important to know about art painting?

Painting on the walls should not only be beautiful and aesthetic, but also of sufficient quality to serve you more than one year. The choice of special paints, primers, varnishes of consumables and other minor, at first glance, trifles, should definitely be entrusted to professionals, otherwise you may be waited by the most unpleasant surprises and incidents. Gold Gold Artists are not only artists, but also Are familiar with all technological features of drawing of drawing on those or other surfaces.

The artistic painting of walls, the price of which depends on the materials and craftsmanship of a specialist, is made in strict accordance with technological requirements, and therefore we are ready to guarantee its quality and long service life. Often the painting of walls, the price of which attracts the customer, does not justify your expectations, so do not trust such a responsible business to amateurs. In addition to the quality work of our masters, we are ready to offer you the most up-to-date conditions for payment for services, a transparent contract and democratic prices, as well as comprehensive assistance in carrying out design and other preparatory work.

If you have any ideas – we are happy to implement them, and if not – we will gladly share our own, the good of them is the great number of the masters of the company Gold Art Line.


Painting of interior and exterior

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The price of artistic painting depends on the complexity of the project and the technique of writing. Approximately it is from $ 100 to $ 1000 per m2. Choose on the site you liked the painting and contact us to clarify the cost.

The deadline depends on: the complexity of the plot and the chosen technique, and also the work is carried out on the site or in the workshop. Approximately based on experience, it is from 14 days to six months. When writing painting on canvas in the workshop, the deadline is significantly reduced, and the amount of work performed does not matter.

Our group of artists represented by the company Gold Art Line provides a guarantee of 3 to 10 years for all types of paintings.

Approximately the price ranges from $ 100 to $ 1000 per m2.

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