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Art painting on walls, ceilings or other elements of the interior is one of the most popular trends in creating a modern interior. Certainly, technologies and materials today amaze the average man with his diversity, but the modern consumer has become too demanding to satisfy his delicate aesthetic taste with standard and standard solutions. It is for this reason, when planning repair or restoration work, many today turn to the fine arts, in search of new solutions and original interiors. In the light of the fact that today traditional styles in art, such as classical style, baroque, provence and others become more popular, art painting has become more popular and popular than ever.

Among other things, wall painting on order allows:

Create a unique style;
Visually expand the space;
Make a conceptual or thematic focus;
Zoning the room;
Make the room visually lighter or, on the contrary, create an atmosphere of muted light.
There is also such a direction as artistic painting of walls. It can be done both with the use of handmade craftsmen on individual sketches of customers with a picture of any complexity, or at all with writing on the walls of paintings, and on the existing templates, which are now on sale in a great variety. The advantages of hand painting in front of standard types of interior finishing work are more than obvious:

High aesthetics;
The opportunity to create unique interior solutions;
Ease of care and high performance properties;
Environmental friendliness of materials;
Thematic focus, etc.
The artist on the wall painting is always a little magician who is able to realize any fairy tale according to your desire. It is these high-class specialists, who possess the necessary skills and the most progressive methods and techniques, create in the company the Gold Art Line.

Wall painting on various topics

The main feature of painting on the wall is its thematic orientation. Before deciding to take such a step as decoration of the interior with the use of various artistic techniques, you must certainly think over everything to the smallest detail, because the lifetime of such masterpieces is many times greater than the more standard interior solutions. If the wallpaper can be easily changed, and the walls repainted, then the decoration will remain with you for many years, and therefore very important:

Choose subjects of artistic works;
Choose the colors that are most comfortable for perception;
Choose the materials and techniques of work execution, etc.
For the children’s room often choose quiet pictures or landscapes, as well as images of fairy-tale heroes or heroes of your favorite cartoons. For living rooms in a classical style frescoes on a wall or pictures with various thematic loading will approach.

Today our artists work in the following priority areas:

Temple painting;
Painting of walls in the interior;
Creation of paintings by individual order;
Artistic painting of individual interior details, etc.
However, if you have your own ideas or projects, we are always glad to new creative experiments and non-standard solutions. The cost of wall painting directly depends on the amount of work, materials and techniques that will be used. The final cost can be calculated only after the master inspects the object and evaluates all possible ways to solve the tasks.

If you liked the work of our masters, then we will be happy to implement any of your wildest plans and make dreams come true. Cooperate with us is always simple and profitable, and therefore we invite you to our office in order to discuss all the details of cooperation or joint creativity.

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