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Manufacturing of glass fiber parts

Fiberglass is a composite material that has already managed to conquer the market and displace many other materials. At its core, fiberglass is a glass fiber, which is processed by special technologies with epoxy or polyester resin. As a result, a complex material with unique physical, chemical and operational characteristics is obtained. The manufacture of glass fiber parts is a laborious process that requires:

  • special equipment;
  • quality materials;
  • Possession of innovative technologies;
  • qualified work of high-class professionals, etc.

All this, and many others, is in the company Gold Art Line, which deals with many types of work on the implementation of decorative elements, including – and products made of fiberglass for interior and exterior. However, not only decorative elements made of fiberglass are made by our specialists. We offer the manufacture of fiberglass parts to people who have boats and other floating crafts, as well as matrices that are used in various fields of activity.

The choice of fiberglass as a material for the manufacture of decorative elements and various parts allows to obtain products with a high aesthetics, but also additional advantages due to the qualitative characteristics of the material itself. Details from fiberglass are used in many spheres of activity and production processes, and therefore they are in demand and popular.

Companies that manufacture such products, today appeared quite a lot, but not all manufacturers comply with technological processes, which affects the quality of products and their performance properties. The company Gold Art Line offers you an extensive portfolio of products from fiberglass, with which you can see on the pages of our website.

Advantages of fiberglass products

The main advantage of parts and finished products from fiberglass is their relatively low weight, compared with parts and structural parts of metals and their alloys. In addition, using these details, you can get a number of additional benefits:

  • During operation, various structural parts of products and decorative elements made of fiberglass can be subjected to mechanical influences and, as a result, to damage. The advantage is that the fiberglass has the property of returning to its original shape, if there is no destruction of the elements.
  • If these or other fiberglass parts are severely damaged, they can be restored by placing them in an existing matrix.
  • The wear of the material is minimal, and therefore the products made of fiberglass have an almost unlimited lifespan.

The cost of products can not be called cheap, but this is compensated by their high quality and unlimited possibilities. GoldArtLine is an international company that has ample impressive production facilities and all the necessary technological equipment to produce high-quality fiberglass parts to order and finished products from fiberglass. Such products are widely used both in the construction industry and in modern shipbuilding.

If you need to make a plastic part, then you can order from us any products that you need. We carry out all the works within the specified deadlines and in accordance with the contractual obligations. Compared to competitors, our prices are more than democratic, and the terms of cooperation are acceptable and customer-oriented.

For more detailed information, please, call the phones that you can find in the section of our site “Contacts“. We are always glad for new projects and fruitful cooperation.

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Each project is made by us individually and its price depends on complexity, terms of performance of works, location and many other factors. Send us your wishes and we will make a calculation of the cost of your project as soon as possible.

The deadline depends on the scale of the project, technology, location … We guarantee the implementation of the most daring ideas of the customer, designer, designer in the shortest, real time. Contact us and we will happily calculate the deadline for the completion of your project.

The company Gold Art Line is a manufacturer provides a guarantee of 3 to 10 years for all types of products and services.

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