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Architectural stucco decoration in the interior – exquisitely, luxuriously!

Architectural stucco decoration is one of the types of decorative art, which today is extremely popular both in the interior and exterior. The new trend is dictated not only by fashion, but also by the need of a modern man in real aesthetic values. Modern trends dictate their rules, according to which uncomplicated and laconic high tech and other minimalist and urban flows no longer satisfy our needs in the beautiful. The gypsum decoration was popular both in ancient Rome and in the era of classicism or baroque. Beautiful handcrafted products were decorated with temple and religious buildings, as well as mansions of the nobility and representatives of the ruling dynasties. Uncovered luxury of ancient palaces today is again at the peak of popularity, as it is a great way of expressing yourself. Decorating facades with stucco molding today has become an urgent and popular trend. The creation of architectural ensembles of handmade – a priority direction of the specialists of the company Gold Art Line.

The stucco is an ancient multi-faceted art, quite versatile in order to become an excellent solution for both the interior and exterior of buildings and structures. The most up-to-date techniques of decorating the stucco make it possible to create unique masterpieces:

Stucco on the walls;
Arches and columns;
Fireplace shelves;
Masks and other small sculptural forms;
Artistic design of window openings;
Outdoor decor for home, etc.
There are plenty of interesting solutions and each one is unique, not like anything else. The use of modern materials and the most advanced technologies allows you to complement the stucco with various decorative elements, making it even more attractive. Our craftsmen not only make stucco themselves by hand, but also perform patinating or gilding stucco, which can make even the most dull facade of the house attractive and very unusual.

Advantages of our cooperation

First of all, it is worth noting that our craftsmen do not use in their work stucco from polyurethane. Of course, at the request of the customer, we are ready to make an exception, but more often we succeed in persuading our customers that the stucco of gypsum handmade is much better than ready-made counterparts. Among the obvious advantages, one can note:

Unique solutions instead of stamped billets;
Possibility of restoration in case of damage;
Unlimited possibilities of decorative design, etc.
The stucco made of gypsum, hand made always wins in comparison with factory analogues, as in each work there is a master’s soul, which puts a special meaning into his work. The front of the house is the owner’s business card. It is for this reason that it is worth taking care of the design of this part of the building with special care.

The specialists of our studio are ready to offer you their help, both in the creation of the project, as well as in the implementation of ready-made solutions or any, even the boldest and boldest of your ideas. The design of the house made by our craftsmen will be your pride and the subject of envy for everyone around you. That is, to buy stucco will not create problems, just call our managers.

Today, in our account, many implemented projects, both in Ukraine, and in countries near and far abroad. We offer stucco decoration in the interior, modern interior, outdoor decor for the home, any difficulty at a democratic price. We also offer you the most up-to-date payment methods and favorable and honest conditions for fruitful cooperation. We are pleased to meet with architects who are looking for artists for their projects, as well as individual customers. You can see our works by looking at a portfolio of our most successful projects. Come, we are always glad to have a new interesting and creative work!

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A few works from our portfolio


Make out modelled decor

Apartments and PENTHOUSES

Лепной декор в современном интерьере

Offices and shops

лепнина в интерьере

Hotel and restaurant complexes

Лепнина на фасаде

Mansions and villas

Лепной декор в ресторанах

How do we create it?


барокко в интерьере


розетка лепнина


монтаж лепнины


лепнина в интерьере


Each project is made by us individually and its price depends on complexity, terms of work execution, location and many other factors. Send us your wishes and we will make the calculation of the cost of your project as soon as possible.

The execution time depends on the scale of the project, technology, location … We guarantee the implementation of the boldest ideas of the customer, the architect, the designer in the shortest possible time. Contact us and we will gladly make a calculation of the terms of the execution of works on your project.

Gold Art Line is a manufacturer of plaster molding and provides a guarantee of 3 to 10 years for all types of products and services.

On average, the cost of 1m / p cornice is 100-200 USD, and a small outlet – 500 UAH.

Find out the exact value of your project!

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