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Gypsum stucco work in the interiors and exteriors

Architectural stucco decoration is one of the best and most relevant ways to make Your home uniquely beautiful as well as aristocratic. Today, there are many ways to decorate the facade of the building, but gypsum stucco work is the direction that never becomes irrelevant and it always looks in a new, interesting, pretentious and wonderful way.

Such diversity is possible due to the variety of techniques and methods, as well as due to the variety of architectural forms that, on the one hand, have not changed for centuries, but on the other hand – they always turn out to be unlike each other. In many respects this is possible due to the fact that the craftsmen of The Gold Art Line Company mainly work with handmade stucco. Of course, today in the construction market there is a great variety of ready-made solutions (foam facade decor, gypsum decor and the décor made from other materials), which are produced by templates. After looking at the photos of our works, which are presented in our portfolio, even a person who knows nothing about architecture and design will be able to appreciate all the advantages of handmade work. Unique images, interesting author’s solutions, smallest details – this will never be achieved by a factory mass production although such solutions have the right for life too.

Among other things, it should be noted that handmade gypsum exterior decoration for a house has one more undisputable advantage – a long service life and the possibility to carry out reconstruction works in a simple way if there are mechanical damages. If you use “factory stucco” made of foam or other materials, which today can be bought in every specialized store, it is ​​quite problematic to fix something. Sometimes you have to replace the damaged elements in full or in part, which can become quite a big problem.

Gypsum decoration in the exterior has a number of advantages among other things:

  • aesthetics;
  • long service life;
  • resistance to weather conditions;
  • resistance to various types of mechanical damage;
  • ecological compatibility;
  • compatibility with other materials and good adhesion.

This is not a complete list of reasons why it makes sense to undoubtedly prefer handmade gypsum (stucco works of various forms) for the walls of your house from the outside.

Stucco work and decor — unlimited opportunities

In addition to the fact that gypsum stucco work, the decor which is more relevant than ever today, has the excellent quality characteristics, it should be noted that the diversity of architectural forms, methods of work and techniques allows you to get unlimited practical possibilities for implementing the projects of any complexity level.

In our catalogue you can see:

  • balusters decorating balconies and stairs;
  • friezes, cornices and tympana;
  • majestic columns with original grounds;
  • window openings design;
  • arches and their artistic decoration;
  • house facade decorations – rosettes and other small architectural forms.

In addition to the fact that stucco work in the exterior is already a unique piece of art, with the help of techniques of artificial aging, gilding and other artistic techniques, one can create truly unique masterpieces. Such works are within the scope of our masters’ abilities. Our craftsmen are ready to implement your ideas or share their own ones. Any creative person has a great variety of them. However, gypsum stucco work is relevant not only when carrying out exterior facade works. Gypsum interior is also a highly popular trend in modern design art.

We are glad to cooperate with designers and architects, as well as with individual customers and we are always ready for a constructive dialogue. We employ only high-class professionals who have already reached the international level of work. We have implemented many projects and we are ready for new creative feats. We invite all those who are interested in working and creating together to our office where we will be able to discuss all the possibilities of mutually beneficial cooperation in a friendly atmosphere. We will design a house for you within the shortest possible time taking into account all your requirements.

Do you have any questions? Want to know the price? Call us and we will be happy to answer all your questions.



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