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Metal products, metal decor.

Metal products have always been, are and will be relevant and there are many explanations. In addition to the fact that metal is the most durable material with an almost unlimited lifespan, the products made of it are distinguished by high aesthetic qualities, and in the hands of this master they can become a real masterpiece.

Decor of metal is very relevant in modern interior and never goes out of fashion. Moreover, exterior work is also often performed using various techniques. For example, art casting is widely used today to create unique elements of landscape art, sculptural compositions, fences and other products that give any space a unique charm. Among the decorative elements of metal, which are now most popular and used by designers to create fashionable interiors in the style of minimalism or hi-tech, are very popular:

Objects of furniture with the use of technologies of artistic casting or forging;
Decor elements for various purposes (forged chandeliers, chandeliers, vases and other items);
Elements of decorative finishes and much more.
Metal products in Ukraine today are becoming increasingly popular, and therefore the work of the masters of our company has appeared very much. Constantly improving various techniques of artistic metal processing, studying new trends and popular techniques of work, our specialists have reached the heights and reached the international level of cooperation as the most demanded service providers in the sphere of creating unusual interior solutions in the most bizarre techniques.

Stamping for metal – what is it?

Stamping for metal is a very ancient kind of art that never went out of fashion. Today it is customary to distinguish two techniques of coining:

Flat minting is characterized by a slight relief, in contrast to the volume embossing, the relief of which is quite high. The relief image looks more profitable from the point of view of the plot of works and their aesthetics, but this kind of work does not allow, unlike flat coinage, to create lace patterns. It is an openwork chasing for metal is considered the most difficult and popular and is considered a sign of high artistic style of the product and high skill of the artist. In our work, our masters use only high-quality materials, such as: copper, titanium-zinc, cast bronze.

The method of through piercing allows, without exaggeration, to create a true lace made of metal, in which grace and power have merged into a unique sophisticated combination. There are other methods, both modern and historically established and modernized by modern masters in the field of working with metals.

Specialists of the company Gold Art Line perform a wide variety of metal products in Ukraine, which have not only high quality, but also high aesthetic value. We invite to the mutually beneficial cooperation of interior designers, both from Ukraine and from neighboring countries. We have already completed many orders of varying complexity and have extensive experience in cooperation in the field of interior and exterior design. We offer a full range of services from the creation of the project to its implementation. If you have ideas, we are happy to discuss possible options for implementing your projects.

Some works from our portfolio

What do we produce from metal?

Vykalotny roofing decoration


Molded and Punctured Monuments


Garden and park sculpture


Decorative panels


How do we create this?

We design


We produce


We mount


We are proud of the result

изделия из металла под заказ


The price depends on the complexity of the project and the material chosen for production. For ordering and receiving the payment, please contact us in the way convenient for you and we will provide the cost in the shortest possible time.

The deadline depends on the project and the technology chosen and other factors. By experience, for example: the decor for the hotel “Bolshaya Moskovskaya” was made and mounted 8 months, and a small sculpture of bronze in height of 2 meters 3 months.

Our manufacturer’s warranty is 10 years or more.

To calculate the cost of work, we need project documentation.
If there is none, we are ready to take up the development.
Call us, for clarification of questions.


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