Decorative painting, patination

The art painting in the interior and exterior


Decorative painting, patination.

Patination of metal in nature occurs naturally, under the influence of oxygen and various chemical reactions. Of course, in nature sometimes on the surface of the metal are formed such bizarre and unique shades that can not be transferred even to the most skillful artist. There is one significant drawback for this natural method: it takes a year or even a decade to make the metal covered with a natural unparalleled patina, because metals are sufficiently resistant to various influences. Do not despair and those who do not have so much time to get the long-awaited result. For lovers of antiques in the interior and exterior, antiques and other luxury items “antique” was found a universal solution – an artificial patina.

Artificial patina or artificial aging is the best way to quickly and beautifully “age” almost any product. To this end, the masters of the company Gold Art Line apply two main directions:

Patination with various chemical reactions and other similar technologies;
Artistic patination with the help of visual techniques and a workshop of work with special decorative materials.
And in the first and second case, the result is excellent, and the products look really old. Sometimes a person who is not a specialist in the field of antiquarian art can not distinguish an artificial patina from its natural “analogues” with the naked eye. The application of patina is a multi-faceted artistic device that has become even more popular today due to the fact that in the design of exteriors and interiors the classic style and style of the Baroque, which implies the presence of patinated decor elements, is very actual today.

Variety of shapes, textures and colors

Patination, among other things, is also good in that it gives unlimited possibilities for the flight of the master’s fantasy and has an almost unlimited scope. Patina, whose photo we offer to your attention, is used for aging:

Elements of decor;
Furniture made of wood;
Forged products;
Metal parts of chased work;
Gypsum decor elements;
Plastic and many other materials.
In the work of the master has its own subtleties. For example, a white patina looks very effective, if it is applied to objects and products made of wood of various breeds. In this technique, dressers, cupboards, showcases and other types of furniture are made “antique”. Patination of copper and its alloys, such as brass, can vary in color from olive and green to blue or black, depending on the need for a combination of different colors and textures.

Not only as an excellent solution for the performance of various kinds of interior works are patination techniques. They are also very relevant for external work. If the decoration of the facades of buildings was used handmade stucco or have elements of iron, then here “gray antiquity” can be an interesting and relevant solution. The facades, patina on which is made by the hands of skillful masters of the company Gold Art Line, is not only aesthetically pleasing, but also durable enough and not subject to the influence of various aggressive environments.

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