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Zolocheniye ekster'yera

Gilding with gold leaf

Gold has always been considered the main sign of wealth and luxury. What kind of objects were not made of this noble metal, but they were decorated, as a rule, with palaces, religious buildings, temples and noblemen’s apartments. Thus, gold was considered a sign of belonging to the privileged strata of society, wealth and sublimity. Elements of the “gold decor” can be found in the modern interior, and today gilding in Ukraine is as relevant as possible because the most fashionable trend has become design solutions in the style of lofty classicism and ornate baroque.

To create a classic interior without using gilding is an almost impossible task, since it is such details that are fundamental and remain unchanged for many centuries. With the help of gold plating can be decorated:

Elements of gypsum decorations on walls and streams;
metal products;
Wooden furniture and accessories for it;
Various decorative elements, etc.
Gilding in the interior can be performed in several techniques and using different materials. Today, wide use has been made in this area of ​​potal and gold leaf. Many townsfolk often confuse one with another and that is the reason – to distinguish potala from gold leaf visually is quite difficult. In fact, the fundamental difference lies in the fact that at the heart of the thinnest sheets of the gusset is actually a real noble metal rolled into the thinnest sheets. Potal, though it looks no worse than gold leaf, has nothing to do with gold as such and is a sheet of thinly rolled copper, brass or other materials. Gold leaf gilding, therefore, is a more expensive kind of work and in many cases gold leaf is replaced by potal. For the sake of justice it is worth noting that this does not influence the quality of work or the aesthetics of finished products, in particular, if professionals take their work.

Gilding techniques in the exterior

As we have already mentioned, gilding, the price of which is quite democratic today, is used not only for interior, but also for exterior work. From time immemorial, with the help of gilding, the domes of churches were formed and the external and internal decoration of religious religious buildings. These techniques are also relevant today because the reconstruction of churches destroyed under Soviet rule has become a priority in a society that is very concerned about spirituality.

Gilding with gold leaf is also performed by the masters of the company Gold Art Line quite successfully both on the territory of Ukraine and in the countries of the near abroad (gilding in Kharkov, Odessa and other cities outside of our country). International cooperation has become a new, but very useful experience for our masters, who constantly sharpen their skills and adopt the experience of domestic and foreign colleagues.

We offer gold leaf gilding:

Representatives of various religious movements;
To designers of interiors and exteriors;
Leaders of socially significant projects;
Individual customers and organizations, etc.
If you have ready-made projects, and you are looking for an executor for their implementation, we are waiting for your proposals for mutually beneficial cooperation. We offer profitable and transparent transaction conditions, democratic prices and convenient modern payment terms.


Modelled decor

лепнина в интерьере

Facades decor

фасадный декор

The art painting

художественная роспись

The patina




Architectural stone

Restoration, reconstruction, playback

реставрация зданий и сооружений

Roofing décor

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