Gold stucco in a modern interior.

Gilding is an old and well-proven technique, which again comes into fashion. Classic interiors today are incredibly popular again, and creating a complete image of pompous classics is difficult to imagine without using various gilding techniques. Such techniques, among other things, are popular not only in interiors, but are often used by designers and architects to create unique images of building facades.

Today, there are several techniques and methods of gilding, both more traditional with gold leaf, and more modern, when gilding is produced with the help of various compounds that give products of any kind a unique golden glow. The intensity of the pigment allows you to create glare and play of light, which gives you unlimited possibilities for your imagination. Gilding in Kiev today is becoming increasingly popular and the scope of application of these techniques are constantly multiplying. In addition, gilding techniques have a completely universal application. With their help you can breathe new life:

In stucco decorations on walls and ceiling;
In the old wooden furniture;
In household and interior items;
In products made of glass and plastic;
In products having molded elements;
In interior decoration, etc.
Creative approach and non-standard ideas – that’s what helps our creators to create their masterpieces. Gilding technology is very in demand in the conduct of restoration work. Today, more and more attention is paid to the restoration of various temple structures, objects of cultural value and other historically significant buildings. For the restoration of temples and other religious buildings, gilding with gold (a very thin layer) is one of the most important techniques used by the master of the company Gold Art Line in its painstaking work.

Where and how do I use gilding today?

The specialists of our creative workshop have a huge experience of working with gilding of a wide variety of types, both in the interior and in the exterior. We have repeatedly participated in the restoration of temple structures and cultural and historical values, both in our country and in the countries of the near abroad. Among the advantages of cooperation with our specialists is, first of all, the following:

Non-standard approach to solving the tasks;
A great experience and well-honed skill;
Execution of projects of any complexity from the stage of creation, to the stage of implementation;
Only high-quality materials having a very long service life;
The possibility of mutually beneficial cooperation between architects and designers, etc.
We are ready to undertake any projects, whether it is homemade gilding or restoration work of a large scale. Very popular today is the gilding of stucco molding, which, among other things, our masters are made by hand in their own creative workshops. If you have decided that the only thing that your project lacks is gilding, buying paints or gold leaf is not a way out, since it is almost impossible for a person who never worked in these techniques to solve the tasks set. Here you can order gilding, the price of which is democratic, and the quality is impeccable!

Some works from our portfolio

Gilding elements in the interior and exterior

Gilding of stucco molding


Gold and metal plating


Gilding of furniture


Gilding domes, iconostases


What materials do we use for gilding

Gold leaf of the 960th test


Silver leaf of 999th test


Potal gold, silver, copper


Paints for gold



The price depends on the complexity of the surface under the gilding, the material used and its cost, as well as the material consumption per 1 dm2. Typically, the price of gold leaf gold leaf is from 3 to 15 $ for 1 dm2 and depends on the above factors. For more detailed calculation and order, please contact us in a way convenient for you and we will provide the cost of work as soon as possible.

The deadline depends on the number of specialists involved and the requirements for surface gloss. We have a large team of specialists, so the deadline for doing the work will be the minimum! On average, the gilding of one room or dome is 14-30 days.

For all gilding works our company provides a guarantee of 3 to 10 years.

On average, the price of gilding with gold leaf is from $ 3 to $ 15 per 1 dm2.

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