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Restoration of buildings and structures – the story is eternal.

Restoration services today are more than in demand in the modern society, as we increasingly began to think about the value of the national heritage and cultural heritage, which I very much want to preserve for descendants.

Monuments of architecture, churches, historical and cultural values ​​are a priority today, and therefore – require careful attitude, repair and restoration. If earlier the typical construction of the Soviet era was not inclined to preserve architectural values ​​that were ruthlessly demolished for the sake of new standard buildings, today repair and reconstruction of buildings is quite an actual problem. Today, faceless one-type buildings in high-tech style are no longer in fashion and everyone who owns or manages architectural monuments and historically significant objects considers it his duty to preserve the original appearance of these buildings.

Specialists of the company Gold Art Line offer services for repair and restoration of any complexity, in accordance with existing projects. Moreover, if you do not have such a reconstruction project yet, we provide comprehensive assistance in the development of such projects and their implementation. We already have extensive experience in conducting similar works on a wide variety of sites:

Repair of the church;
Repair and reconstruction of buildings facade, which in emergency condition;
Repair and reconstruction of buildings;
Work on the reconstruction of sculptural compositions and other small architectural forms;
Restoration of old private residences in private ownership;
Restoration and repair of museums, theaters and other similar institutions, etc.
On account of our masters, successfully completed works on the restoration of many cultural sites throughout Ukraine and the countries of the near abroad, as well as the restoration of architectural monuments and many other kinds of work.

We invite to profitable cooperation

The technician of restoration exists a great many, and all of them are “in the arsenal” of the masters of our studio. During the restoration work, the experience and knowledge of our masters is often used, and art restoration is usually carried out using the following techniques and techniques:

Artificial aging or patination;
Reconstruction or creation of stucco decoration of various complexity;
Artificial or decorative gilding, etc.
All techniques and methods are aimed at reproducing in modern conditions the most accurate historical appearance of certain elements or structures and buildings as a whole. We offer beneficial cooperation to the leaders of projects for the reconstruction of historical and cultural values, architects, church representatives and designers of exteriors and interiors.

Cooperate with us is beneficial for many reasons:

We offer full support of the project from the creation of project documentation to the implementation of the project;
We work only professionals of their work, in love with their creative work and profession;
We guarantee transparency of each transaction and contract (full legal support and legality);
We practice all the most modern types of payment for services from plastic cards to electronic payment systems;
All works and services are provided with a guarantee of quality.
If you need repair and reconstruction of buildings, regardless of their purpose, we are looking forward to your suggestions on long-term and mutually beneficial cooperation.

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To calculate the cost of work, it is necessary to obtain the initial data for the project. After the analysis, we will be able to issue an estimate for the work. If you do not have a project yet, the cost of work can be calculated in advance after the specialist leaves the premises for an initial examination.

The deadline depends on the project and the composition of our work. Send us the project and we will draw up a schedule of work on the object or individual types of work. Estimated period, based on experience, is from 3 to 12 months.

Yes. License for construction, restoration, conservation, repair works, rehabilitation of monuments of cultural heritage, objects of IV and V complexity categories, including monuments of local and national architecture. You can view the license on the home page.

For our work we provide a legal guarantee from 3 to 10 years.

To estimate the cost of work, we need to see the object. After the survey, we can say the approximate cost!

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