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Restoration of monumental monuments

Restoration of monuments of architecture, houses and buildings

The value of cultural heritage is an issue that is as relevant as ever for our country and for other European states. Fortunately, the days passed when Soviet power ruthlessly destroyed cultural and historical monuments of architecture and sculpture, and in their place were built typical “proletarian” buildings. Today, the construction and reconstruction of significant monuments from the point of view of culture and history is a priority. Restoring the cultural heritage of the Ukrainian people has become a very urgent goal for many citizens of our country, including at the state level.

Restoration of monuments of architecture, in the light of the above, today is going on in quite large volumes and, it is worth noting that it is bearing fruit. More and more often you can see restored and renovated buildings of cinemas, opera, museums and other significant objects throughout Ukraine. Moreover, today a fairly fashionable trend in the field of individual construction has been the reconstruction of houses of different eras, rather than the construction of new buildings, which no one can be surprised at.

Buy an old dilapidated mansion, once owned by an owner, to make major repairs and restore all the decorative elements has become more fashionable than to build another model hulk outside the city. Such mansions become the object of the pride of the owners and the envy of all, without exception, neighbors. In addition, the following are subject to reconstruction:

architectural monuments;
Religious buildings;
Mansions and private estates;
Home museums;
Cultural attractions, etc.
Our masters repeatedly carried out restoration in Kiev and other cities of Ukraine. On our account, successfully implemented social initiatives to preserve architectural monuments and individual orders. Moreover, we work not only in Ukraine, but also in the countries of near and far abroad, which allows our masters to gain invaluable experience, to engage in self-education and self-improvement.

A full range of restoration services from the company Gold Art Line

Restoration of the house or any other structure, both in the interior and in the exterior – this is a long process and very laborious. Typically, this work involves a number of stages and the involvement of several highly skilled professionals. Only the well-coordinated work of the team can become that force capable of presenting a new life to cultural and architectural values, which are significant for man and society as a whole.

Restoration of an object, as a rule, includes:

Building design;
Development of a common concept;
Preparation of relevant documentation and drawing up an estimate;
Preparatory front and interior works;
Crack treatment, if any;
Priming of the base;
Repair of existing damages;
High-altitude works;
Decorative work, etc.
A lot of knowledge and skills, which have the masters of the company Gold Art Line, are used in the course of restoration work. This is the manufacture of metal products of varying complexity, and plaster moldings of handwork, and art painting, and patination and many other techniques that require a certain level of skill. We carry out restoration in Kiev and other cities of Ukraine and the near abroad of any complexity and invite to cooperation all interested persons: architects, project managers and individual customers.

Cooperation with us is always a unique creative atmosphere and always an unrivaled end result!


Modelled decor

лепнина в интерьере

Facades decor

фасадный декор

The art painting

художественная роспись

The patina




Architectural stone

Restoration, reconstruction, playback

реставрация зданий и сооружений

Roofing décor

products of metal


стеклопластик изготовление


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