Artificial stone for facing walls today has found its application in many areas of construction, both individual and large-scale, both in interior solutions and for exterior decoration. High aesthetic properties at a very democratic price make artificial stone more and more relevant. Many design works are done with the use of this material and there are very understandable reasons, the first of which is the possibility of creating actual interiors in an eco-style. It is worth noting that architectural elements made of stone, including artificial ones, not only look environmentally friendly and natural, but also really possess these properties.

Such ecological compatibility is possible, first of all, because the material for making artificial stone slabs, as a rule, is natural, loose materials. Properties are known to man for a long time and are used in creating interiors for more than one hundred years. The main advantage of such products is durability and practically unlimited service life, which does not require extra care efforts. In addition, architectural elements of artificial stone are interchangeable, and they can easily be repaired in case of damage.

Variety of architectural elements made of artificial stone

In addition to the fact that the artificial architectural stone is highly esthetic and durable, its advantage is a variety of shapes, textures and color solutions that allow you to work with any architectural styles. The most common types of architectural elements include:

– Blocks;
– Tiles;
– Step;
– Parapet covers;
– Fence poles;

Rosettes, bas-reliefs and many other forms, actual in the modern interior.
Such elements can be used, both in interior decoration, and for decoration of facade decoration, landscape design and many other aesthetic and practical purposes. It is difficult for a layman to distinguish, in particular from afar, an artificial artificial stone from natural stone, which is several times more expensive but less practical and does not possess many properties of an artificial stone.

The company Gold Art Line offers architectural elements from an artificial stone in the widest range, which you can familiarize yourself with by personally visiting our creative workshops and exhibition grounds, or by viewing our extensive portfolio. We offer the most favorable conditions for cooperation, the most modern payment methods and transparent contractual obligations. Architectural decoration, including artificial stone and stucco molding, we produce on request semi-automatically, taking into account the ability to change the technology, depending on the needs and scope of the artificial stone.