The most popular trend, which today takes place in the design art, is stucco in the interior. It was such an original way invented by modern designers of fashion design to diversify boring and unremarkable projects in the style of hi-tech, to surprise whom anyone today is not easy enough. It is in the desire to create new attractive images, designers are not ours anything better than “getting out dusty shelves” long-forgotten methods of interior design. Today, more and more plaster moldings in Kharkov, Kiev and other large cities decorate buildings and constructions and are effectively used both in interior design and in creating unique images in facade design.

So the interior appeared long ago and was completely forgotten:

Stucco molding on the ceiling with your own hands;
Stained-glass windows;
Mosaic and other popular today’s design “tricks.”
If we talk about these popular “figurative means,” stucco is the most grateful “material for creativity”, as the variety of forms and possible ways of solving creative tasks of such decorative elements allows creating the most unimaginable and bold decisions. In addition, stucco is of various types, which gives the consumer the opportunity to choose the most suitable option for himself:

More expensive, but also the most high-quality and ecological stucco molding, such as, for example, stucco molding from Peterhof;
More cost-effective polyurethane stucco molding of such brands as the stucco of Orac Belgian production, which is also on the market in a wide range;
Budget options for stucco molding from foam that are not as effective as gypsum or polyurethane products.
Everyone who decided to choose the flamboyant classic elements of the decor can choose for themselves the option that most satisfies the needs and opportunities, as well as personal aesthetic taste.

Fretwork from polyurethane own hands: myths and reality

Among the many ways to produce stucco molding, we can mention stucco molding and stucco molding, made by templates in production or in specialized workshops. If the master you have chosen to implement the project claims that the priority direction in the company’s work is polyurethane stucco with your own hands, then look for another specialist. The only kind of stucco, which implies manual work – is the stucco molding, which the masters make under certain projects individually. Forms for such products are produced for each specific order, and templates are used only in rare cases and in agreement with the customer. Thus, it can be summed up that whatever qualities are not possessed by stucco from artificial materials, it is better to find hard hand-made plaster moldings from the plaster market in the services market.

The company Gold Art Line offers you the services of craftsmen to create stucco decorations handmade on the most favorable terms. We have only the best masters, we have successfully implemented many projects on our account, and we are ready to offer you favorable conditions, privileges and transparent terms of contracts. We work both in Ukraine and in other countries of the near and far abroad.