Decoration made of stone is a tradition that came from gray antiquity, but has not lost its relevance. Previously, natural stone was the material from which the palaces were built, not to mention the interior decoration of the interiors. At all times, the finish of stone has always found application and the necessary forms, appropriate fashion and style of their time. Today, the stone in the interior and exterior is no less popular, but there is, as usual, “one but.” A natural stone is a material that is certainly aesthetic and universal, but its value makes it not very accessible to wide layers of society.

However, the manufacture of artificial stone, which recently became a very popular trend, quite successfully coped with the existing problem. Now the stone appeared not only in the “palace constructions”, but also in the dwellings of ordinary inhabitants who have already appreciated not only its high aesthetics, but also the qualitative and operational characteristics that are worthy of your attention.

What kind of artificial stone is and where to buy it in Ukraine?

Decorating with artificial stone, among other things, has a number of undeniable advantages:

Ease of material, simplifying installation;
A variety of color solutions, thanks to the use of the latest technology;
The versatility of products that are suitable for both interior and exterior work;
Resistance to moisture and durability;
Ease of care and no need for special treatment;
High aesthetic properties, etc.
Today, an artificial stone is made by many specialists in their own hands, in which products are manufactured according to pre-designed templates that meet the requirements dictated by this or that construction object. This approach allows you to create unique decor elements, which will be a source of special pride in any room, regardless of its purpose.

In addition, artificial stone in Kharkov, Kiev, Odessa and other large cities is often used today for exterior decoration of country houses and cottages. This popular trend is easily explained by the fact that, with external attractiveness, the cost of artificial stone, which can be bought in Ukraine today in a variety of options, remains democratic and fairly affordable.

The company Gold Art Line offers an artificial stone (photos you will find in our extensive portfolio) at a fairly democratic price, both for the material itself, and for the work on the creation and implementation of projects. We have profitable prices, transparent terms of contracts, the most modern payment methods and a lot of successfully implemented projects. For more information, please contact our managers by phone, which you can find in the section of our site “Contacts”.