Gypsum stucco – one of the oldest, but from no less relevant methods of decorative interior decoration. The properties of gypsum were discovered by ancient masters and for several centuries the skill of creating stucco from gypsum reached perfection. If in the old days the stucco decoration was considered a sign of wealth and luxury, today such interior decoration has become more accessible and you can find decorative stucco molding both in any city apartment and in public places and institutions.

Such popularity of stucco is due to the fact that with its fairly democratic value, it has high aesthetics and allows you to create unique images in any interior. Stucco today is represented on the market in two main versions, each of which has its own advantages and disadvantages:

  1. Decorative stucco foam. It is lightweight, but subject to mechanical and other damage. The cost of such stucco is available to everyone, but its useful life is no more than 5 years, after which such stucco can change the original color and partially collapse, without the possibility of restoration. It is flammable, often causes allergic reactions, and is also incompatible with some modern finishing materials.
  2. Plaster decoration of plaster. It is carried out from natural materials, as a rule, by the individual order and in the single copy. It has a wide variety of forms and can be made in non-standard versions, in size and design sketches of designers. Easily recoverable from mechanical damage and does not require complete replacement of elements in this case. It does not cause allergic reactions and is safe to use. It has a higher cost, but will last more than a decade.
  3. Stuccoing in the interior can not look cheap by definition, and therefore products from foam do not look very advantageous, and sometimes frankly cheap, in comparison with exclusive handmade options.

How is the cost of stucco decoration formed?

The price of stucco largely depends on where and how it is produced. The Gold Art Line company offers its customers exclusively exclusive stucco work, made on an individual basis and taking into account all the wishes of customers. We have not only a creative workshop where you can order any elements of plaster decoration in accordance with your preferences, but also a stucco shop where you can buy ready-made products. One way or another, but the whole stucco decoration is done entirely by hand and only from natural materials.

The rather high cost of plaster decor can be explained by the following factors:

  • high skill specialists;
  • only the best modern materials;
  • own production;
  • lack of template works, etc.

Among other things, we offer mutually beneficial cooperation between the designer, builders and project managers. In our portfolio you can familiarize yourself with successfully implemented projects and create a general impression about the quality and aesthetics of stucco decoration, which our masters are ready to offer.

For more information, you can contact our office in Kiev or contact our specialists by phone. We work not only in Ukraine, but also in the countries of near and far abroad. All contact information you will find in the section of our site “Contacts”.