Making artistic casting is an ancient art, which our ancestors mastered many centuries ago. Of course, new technologies have touched this kind of applied art and today art casting can rightfully be called an art form, which has found wide application in the design of interiors, exteriors and garden design.
The production of artistic casting is a very fascinating creative process. For the manufacture of the master’s products use special forms of gypsum, metal or clay. The prototype or workpiece for products are, as a rule, extruded model of the future product. This form is hollow, and therefore it is convenient to use it in the process of creating:

  • bas-reliefs;
    • promotional compositions;
    • souvenirs;
    • Interior items;
    • elements of landscape gardening;
    • imitation sculptures carved out of marble, etc.

Artistic metal casting has found wide application in the design of both interiors and exteriors. Such products emphasize the individuality of any interior and create a special atmosphere. Modern techniques for aging products made of metals allow you to make products for interiors in the classical style. Today antique clothes are in vogue in the interior, but the cost of such products is not available to everyone, but because the products “under the old days” are in great demand.
Advantages of using cast products

The company Gold Art Line offers an extensive catalog of artistic casting, with which you can find on our website. All the works are done by the masters manually and are executed in a single copy, which allows you to get unique products, the price of which is acceptable and accessible.
We offer profitable cooperation to designers of interiors and exteriors, as well as to large contractors who execute large orders. Cooperation with our company is beneficial for you for many reasons. Here are some of them:

  • cooperation with large international companies;
    • guarantees of performance of works in the specified terms;
    аrtistic brass moldingof high quality;
    artistic casting of cast ironand other metals on request;
    • the most modern methods of payment for works;
    • transparent contractual obligations;
    • compliance with the deadlines specified in the contract;
    • unique products and creation of projects from scratch;
    • prestige and uniqueness, etc.

We favorably differ from competitors in that our company has its own production facilities and is able to fulfill any orders in the shortest possible time. In addition, we offer casting of high quality, which has almost unlimited lifespan, and therefore each product will be for many years to please your eyes and admire others.
We are ready to take part in projects of any scale, since we have our own team of qualified specialists, all the necessary production equipment. We have been working on the market long enough to have proven suppliers of raw materials. For this reason, we use only high-quality metals and alloys in our work. All the information you can get by visiting our office in person or by contacting us via the numbers indicated in the section of our website “Contacts”. We are always glad to fruitful cooperation.