You can buy art castings today in many specialized shops, where different masters represent their work. However, it is often enough to encounter a situation where a master who feels a vague idea of ​​the blacksmith’s profession, but is very willing to become a great master, feels himself a master. The first works of the great masters always spent a long time gathering dust on shelves, they were afraid to show their light, because they did not feel satisfaction with their own works. Today, the audience often presents products made of ferrous metals and not only that are far from perfect, but will cost you a fairly tidy sum, as this is the exclusive work of the master.
In order not to become a victim of scammers and charlatans who give their creativity for works of art, you can order casting in a workshop that has a well-established reputation, extensive work experience and a lot of feedback from grateful customers. On the forums about metal products in Kiev and other cities of Ukraine and the near abroad you will find a lot of positive feedback about our work, and by looking at our portfolio, you will be convinced that we do our work with love and every new order is creative and original. We have our own creative workshops, where the best masters of their work work for you every day, performing:

Orders of any complexity;
• from various materials;
• in the most popular techniques;
• in the shortest possible time;
• for any interiors, etc.

Our specialists not only use in their work the ancient traditions of forging metal, which have always been in Russia quite a popular kind of applied art, which has always been in demand. At the same time, we use modern experience and the latest methods and tools to get the best result. Metal products made to order from the masters of the company Gold Art Line always have high quality, both in terms of materials and techniques for performing work, and in terms of artistic value.

What are we ready to offer you?

The scope of application of “metal alloy products” in interiors for any purpose is wide and diverse, and using a creative approach, you can create products of unreal beauty that will become a bright accent that captures the views of others. Among the most popular products that we often order, we can distinguish the following:
• Fireplace shelves;
• hangers for hallways;
• interior items such as bowls, plates, jugs, etc .;
• metal mosaic on request;
• Forged backs of beds that are custom-made;
• chairs and stools;
• chandeliers and legs of lamps;
• Frames for paintings or mirrors;
• grilles for radiators or fireplaces;
• figurines, busts, vases;
• utensils and other kitchen utensils as decor;
• various souvenirs and gifts

This is not a complete list of items that have to create the masters of the company Gold Art Line. We cooperate with interior designers, perform extensive work on the manufacture of various decorative items, which together constitute a single ensemble, which looks aesthetically and originally in interiors for any purpose. The price of metal products depends on the materials from which they are made, the complexity and volume of work, the application of various methods of metal processing, etc.

If you already have a ready project, our company is glad to see you in our office in Kiev, whose address you can find on the page of our website “Contacts“. Also, you can find out the details by contacting us by phone for contacts, which work at a convenient time for you.