The project proposed to carry out instrumental control over the quality of structures. Instrumental control was carried out by geodetic instruments: a theodolite, a leveling device, a comparative roulette RK-50. The quality control of concrete was carried out in laboratory conditions: the quality control of welded joints was carried out by radiographic or ultrasonic method in accordance with GOST.

At the stage of development of working documentation in the project of production of works (PPR) working drawings of such structures and devices were developed:

– scaffolding for masonry and interior and exterior decorating based on the E-507 series;

– bulk greenhouse;

– formwork of the cathedral arches;

– metal mobile scaffolding for the implementation of emergency response measures on the existing walls of the cathedral;

– tents for gilding on the elements of baths.

All construction and installation work must be carried out in accordance with SNiP III-IV- 80 – “Safety at the construction site”, also in accordance with the “Safety Rules for the Construction of Underground Hydraulic Structures”, “Safety Rules for Geological Prospecting”, “Rules for Establishing and safe operation of cranes “,” Fire Safety Rules in the production of construction and installation works, “taking into account additional measures developed by the project of works, approved by the chief engineer of organization. Working areas of installation cranes should be blocked by a light wooden or metal fence. All lifting mechanisms and rigging devices before the start of operation were tested and tested according to the rules of “Gosgortekhnadzor”. Lifting mechanisms, as well as electrical tools and instruments had to have reliable grounding. During the installation of heavy and bulky goods and parts should follow the relevant rules, instructions, regulatory documents. When working in the evening, workplaces, storage areas, aisles, driveways, stairs were lit, and at the places of unloading, lifting of structures, as well as in the cab of the crane operator, instructions with rules for giving signals were posted. With a wind force of 15 m / s, fog, bad weather, ice, work in the open air ceased. Before electric welding, the welding machine was checked for good condition, its body, welding wire and electric holder were insulated, the welding machine body was properly earthed, welded structures, the knife switch, and the absence of flammable substances at the welding points.

In a separate paragraph addressed the conditions of environmental conservation. It was noted that the accepted methods of construction will not lead to changes in the natural environment.

In spite of the fact that at the stage of development of working documentation, some of the initial data used in the calculations of the duration of the construction were refined, the normative term reproduction of the Assumption Cathedral was adjusted in accordance with the indicated changes. The duration of construction was determined by the following indicators:

– the building volume of the Assumption Cathedral was 38 thousand M cubic meters;

– preparatory and exploratory work was carried out;

– the foundations were arranged with brown injection piles;

– other works were carried out to recreate, respectively, separately developed schedules.

Reproduction of the Assumption Cathedral, taking into account the interpolation and with the exception of the preparatory period, was 22 months; additionally, the duration of the preparatory and research work was taken into account – 12 months. and installation of foundations – 4 months. The duration of the preparatory and scientific research work and the foundations were determined similarly to the St. Michael’s Golden-domed Cathedral, which was reproduced in a short time. Duration of play Uspensky, the cathedral was:

T = 22 + 12 + 4 = 38 months

In connection with the tight deadlines for the completion of the work, the need was determined for the organizations to carry out priority work throughout the entire construction site.

A statement of the need for basic construction machinery, machinery and equipment was drawn up.