The art of casting from cast iron was not developed in the same way as the ancient Slavs, for many of which it was the main craft. Artistic cast-iron casting is considered by some to be “everyday”, but in the hands of skilful masters it is real art, special music, which has its own outlines and unique images. A simple gray cast iron can be an excellent material for performing work of any complexity.

The artistic value of products is determined precisely by the properties of cast iron, which allow creating:

  • roofing decoration;
  • enhanced massive images;
  • elegant delicate items of varying complexity;
  • solemn monumental sculptures for decoration;
  • cabinet products that are in fashion today, etc.

Cast Iron Casting allows you to create truly unique works of art that can have an applied purpose, be used in everyday life and decorate the interiors of both private mansions and other premises. With the help of art cast cast iron products, you can create a unique image in the interior of restaurants, cafes, places of presence. It can be both simple simple forms, and monumental pathos works of art.

Cast iron has such properties that allow you to get unlimited opportunities for creativity. The work of the masters of our company is always a creative process, which enthralles all its participants. Cast iron has the following properties:

  • strength;
  • plastic;
  • wear resistance;
  • resistance to corrosion;
  • high hardness of the material, etc.

Such properties of cast iron allow producing both decor elements for decorating interiors, as well as various products for work with exterior design and landscape art.

Practical application of cast iron products

Today, the design returns the trend of classical forms, antique aged products. This fashion trend is actively used by designers in their works to create interesting and unusual images. A strict and concise style of hi-tech or modern can not surprise anyone today, but artistic cast-iron will be an excellent addition to the classical interiors that are at the height of popularity today.

All works our masters perform in their own workshops of the company on individual projects of customers. For each project, the corresponding forms are produced in a single copy. Each work can not be repeated even once by the master himself, and therefore all the products made by the masters of the company Gold Art Line are unique works of art.

Among our works, which you can see in our very extensive portfolio, artistic sculpting of sculptures by order and many other unique products of exceptionally high quality. Here you can order:

  • soda and park decor made of metal;
  • pieces of furniture;
  • fireplace grates and shelves;
  • Lattices on windows, which have anti-vandalism and aesthetic component;
  • stairs and railings;
  • countertops;
  • candelabra;
  • caskets;
  • office items, etc.

You can buy decor elements from metal: gates, fencing benches, sculptures, household items and much more. Everything depends on your imagination, and the high level of skill of the specialists of the company Gold Art Line will make it possible to implement all projects.