Probably, you often faced with the fact that you saw in the interior “unfilled” places, where literally “ask” for this or that element of decor. Such errors of designers can be easily corrected using decorative metal products. Forged and cast products are good because they are almost universal and perfectly combined with both classical interiors that are today at the peak of popularity, and with more conservative – differing in their conciseness and clarity of lines.

You can order metal products in accordance with your drawings, but you can trust the artist’s artistic taste and get a unique and unique work of art. Metal products in Kiev can be ordered in our workshop, where qualified masters perform work on metal of any complexity. In our work, we apply the most popular techniques, combining innovations and the experience of generations to obtain the most original results.

Different forms of metal products are performed taking into account that they have practically unlimited lifespan, and therefore we try to use original forms that will never lose their relevance. Even if you decide to change the style of the interior and make major repairs in your house, cafe, restaurant or other room, then in the new interior you will find a place for the works of GoldArtLine masters.

Quite often we have to fulfill individual orders when there is a task to perform a product that will become a gift for the anniversary or other celebration. Such a gift will allocate you among other donors and the eye of the gifted person will work for many years. Metal products made to order are always performed only in one copy. Another distinguishing feature of this decor – even a master who performed one job, will never be able to repeat it exactly. And we will not do this, as the company values ​​its reputation.

As for the sizes, you can choose any option, because with its external monumentality, many forged and cast interior items have a fairly low weight, which makes their application even more versatile. You may prefer:

  • a few small items filled in one single style in order to place bright accents;
  • one large enough product and then no longer load the room with decor, since too much overloaded space is also not preferable.

Anyway, whichever option you choose, the interior items dropped from the metal are always in vogue and always attract the eye.

Main directions in work

For many centuries, two main techniques have been used for the manufacture of metal products for home and interior:

  • Casting. Allows the master to receive items, both in a single copy, and in series to achieve the maximum result in creating interior design. These items have a high aesthetics and artistic value. As a material for artistic casting of high quality, bronze, brass, iron, lead are used. However, at the request of the customer cast products can be made of precious metals, such as silver or gold.
  • Forging. Here, both manual and mechanical processing of the starting material can be used. Hand forging since ancient times has been one of the most common methods of metal processing, and therefore ordering such products you get centuries of experience and highly artistic interior items for decoration and accentuation in detail.

You can see examples of our works by looking at our extensive portfolio, where metal products are presented in Odessa, Kiev, Kharkov and other cities of Ukraine and not only that have already become the property of their new owners. About how to make an order, get and pay for it, you can find out from our specialists by contacting us by phone, which you can find in the section of our website “Contacts”.