Manufacture of fiberglass products – this is a somewhat new, but already quite popular trend. This is easily explained by the physico-chemical properties of this material, which have no analogues. Innovative technologies, modern materials and highly skilled work are the basis for the production of fiberglass. In the production process, which is quite complex and requires certain skills and abilities, it is possible to obtain a material that has the following properties:

  • light weight, which allows you to perform products of any complexity, easy to install decorative elements or install parts;
  • high strength, which makes the production of fiberglass parts predominant in the manufacture of products that are planned to be used at high mechanical loads;
  • resistance to all types of external influences, such atmospheric precipitation, mechanical damage and even exposure to salt water and other corrosive environments;
  • simplicity in care and the possibility of processing by chemical means, including – disinfectants;
  • the ability to repair damage, if any, etc.

Thus, the manufacture of parts from fiberglass to order – a service that is increasingly popular. It is worth noting that this was the reason that many companies and manufactures began to produce fiberglass products, but not always the quality of fiberglass meets the declared characteristics. For this reason, to choose the manufacturer of products from fiberglass should be carefully to avoid unpleasant situations in which you get substandard parts or products, which greatly complicates the work with them.

Fiberglass in modern shipbuilding

Already quite a long time in the domestic market there were boats and other vessels made by their-glass-plastic. Initially, most of these boats were fun, because the small dimensions did not allow to install a sufficiently powerful engine. Today, there are engines for boats and other small vessels, and therefore the manufacture of fiberglass boats has become quite popular.

Materials for the manufacture of such boats are easily accessible, color solutions allow flight fantasy. Some companies offer the manufacture of plastic parts of some structural parts for ships, but it should be noted that such products do not go to any comparison with products and parts from fiberglass.

Vessels made of fiberglass today are most in demand due to the following characteristics:

  • variability of the shape of the hull;
  • the ability to make boats of any design, including with keel, flat bottom, etc.
  • strength and resistance to minor mechanical damage;
  • simplicity of repairs.

Many shapes and sizes, which today have become quite impressive, bright color solutions, high performance properties and characteristics. Manufacture of plastic parts of various designs is not in any comparison with products made of fiberglass. Our team offers services in the manufacture of boats and boats of any complexity. We carry out all kinds of work as per your project documents or create your own projects for implementation.

The guarantee of high quality, strict adherence to technology and practically unlimited life time of products made of fiberglass – these are the advantages of cooperation with the company Gold Art Line. For more information, you can contact our specialists by calling the numbers listed in the “Contact” section.