Since mankind discovered metals, they have acquired great importance in many spheres of life. Metals are used in technological production processes of a wide variety of products, parts, mechanisms and other products. However, do not forget that since ancient times decorative metal products have been an integral part of everyday life of our ancestors.

The manufacture of decorative products from various metals is traditional for the Slavic peoples and was almost the main activity. Decorative and applied art has become for many a craft and a means of exchange and trade. Craft workshops in Kievan Rus were famous for their products far beyond the state and enjoyed considerable demand. This is easily explained by the fact that all products made by our masters had a high aesthetic and artistic value.

Manufacture of hardware is still very popular today due to the fact that there is a general tendency to return to the historical source. Today, surprise someone with an interior or exterior in the style of art deco is no longer possible, because they have already become ordinary. Products from metals and interiors and exteriors, on the contrary, allow creating a unique and refined atmosphere and giving any space a unique charm.

A wide range of applications and the relevance of technology

The scope of metal products is quite wide. Today, you can use the following elements to translate design ideas:

  • forged grates and fences;
  • fireplace grates and fireplace shelves;
  • stainless steel products, cast iron, copper, brass, etc.
  • decorative elements of the interior: wall decorations, pieces of furniture, utensils, etc.
  • manufacturing of metal roofing from various metal alloys;
  • the production of monumental architectural elements, such as sculptures, monuments and other items of cultural and historical value.

Various techniques and methods of manufacturing products, as well as modern aging or gilding techniques help masters perform works of any complexity and create truly contemporary works of contemporary art. Such metal products are used everywhere, as in the interior, supplementing and filling it with meanings, and in exterior work, landscape art and other areas of our life. Some products can be not only decorative elements, but also have a practical purpose.

Among the metal products made to order, which are most in demand can be identified:

  • fireplace grates and shelves;
  • decorative panels on the wall;
  • candelabrums and lamps;
  • Houseware;
  • bookshelves;
  • elements of furniture;
  • lattice on the windows;
  • Forged gates or decor for wooden products, made of metal;
  • garden shops;
  • small sculptural forms and statues, etc.

All these custom metal products and many other decor elements are widely used by fashion designers to create unique, concise and high-quality products. The company Gold Art Line offers metal products of any complexity, both casting and forging, depending on the tasks assigned.

We have our own workshops with the most modern equipment, where we produce various decor elements for individual orders. Each product is unique and can be justly considered a work of art. For more detailed information on how you can order metal products, you can contact our specialists who will be happy to answer all your questions. All contact information is in the section of our website “Contacts”.