Modelled decor – this is one of the most popular modern trends in the interior, which no one doubts. Moreover, if earlier stucco molding could be found only in classical interiors, today the “field of application” of this type of decorative ornaments is becoming wider, and the number of techniques for “modifying” stucco is becoming more and more diverse. So in various combinations today you can find stucco molding using various decoration technologies, such as:

  • Work on gilding moldings;
  • Decorative decoration with gold leaf;
  • Art painting moldings, the price of which depends on the degree of complexity and materials to be applied;
  • Restoration of ancient stucco, using patination technology, etc.
  • Depending on the chosen option, which is appropriate for this or that general stylistic decision, the cost of decorative interior decoration works also changes.

Cost of decorative stucco decoration

The most expensive technology, of course, will be the gilding of stucco molding with gold leaf, which is easily explained by the price of gold leaf. The finest “golden paper” is indeed produced from noble metal, and the cost is appropriate. Gilding stucco, the price of which is more acceptable, is produced with the help of special paints and other materials, whose main task is to imitate gilding with gold leaf as close as possible. Here a lot depends on the qualification of the master who conducts the work and for the good masters of stucco decoration decorated in this way looks very expensive and effective.

The painting of the stucco, the price of which is more accessible, is still a laborious process, requiring certain skills and knowledge. A good master uses in his work both the latest technologies and “grandfather’s secrets”, and therefore this work is relatively expensive. However, it’s worth it.

If you plan to create an interior using stucco molding, which is already in the room, there are two ways:

Restoration of stucco, the price of which is more democratic;
The dismantling of the existing moldings and the creation of a fundamentally new work.
Anyway, the final cost of the work can be announced only after the experts have evaluated the facility and take into account all the possibilities, as well as the wishes and financial capabilities of the customer. Only after “orientation on the ground” can we talk about some specific amounts and estimate the cost of gilding.

Specialists of the company Gold Art Line perform any kind of work on manufacturing, gilding and restoration of stucco of any complexity. You can get more detailed information about the terms of cooperation at a convenient time by contacting us via the phones listed in the “Contacts” section.