Stucco molding on the walls in apartments is becoming increasingly popular, but not many people know that they have a number of differences and features that determine, ultimately, its quality characteristics and many other nuances. Elements of stucco can vary not only in their content, but also in the quality of the materials from which they are made and, accordingly, in their value.

The price of stucco can vary depending on the following parameters:

  1. The material from which the decor is made. Stucco molding from natural gypsum and other similar composite materials has a higher cost, due to the fact that it has higher quality characteristics and high aesthetic value.
  2. Manual or template work. Some masters practice making stucco for individual orders, manually, according to the customer’s layouts, etc. Other manufacturers of stucco decoration prefer “conveyor production”, which does not differ in special originality. Of course, the cost of such decorative items will be more affordable, but its quality leaves much to be desired.
    The complexity and volume of the order. If the stucco is custom-made, taking into account the special wishes of the customer, then its cost will certainly be much higher than if the customer agrees to work on existing templates and forms that any master has.
  3. Thus, customers always face a difficult choice between the cost of stucco decoration and its quality. It is worth noting that high-quality stuccoing, though handmade, is at least more expensive, but it is durable and long-lasting, which means it will last a long time, which can be considered an option to save money and effort.

Varieties of stucco decoration

First of all, it should be borne in mind that stucco can be used for interior and exterior works, and therefore each of these types will have its own characteristics. First of all, types of stucco differ in this attribute, and each of the species will have its own characteristics. In addition, decorative items may differ in the following ways:

  • destination and location in the interior;
  • standard size;
  • the form;
  • production material, etc.

Depending on where the stucco molding will be applied, various methods of mounting and fastening, decorative design and other nuances that only a master can appreciate can be chosen. Stucco decor on the current market is represented in a fairly wide range. This stucco in the form of columns or semi-columns, and a statuette, and sockets, and chimney shelves and many other elements for every taste.

In the portfolio of our company you can familiarize yourself with the best works of masters who specialize in the manufacture of original plaster moldings of exceptionally high quality. All orders are carried out individually and have no analogues.

The cost of stucco on the walls and ceiling of the apartment, is calculated individually, according to the size, complexity of the finish, under the elements the client chooses. The cost of patina or gilding is considered separately.

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