Today, the painting of walls in Moscow, Kiev and other large and not very cities has become popular and popular trend. This is easily explained by the fact that modern designers are looking for new solutions for creating original images that would satisfy the high demands of a sophisticated consumer who has already seen everything seemingly. Such a consumer needs to be amazed, he wants to be original, to strive for a new and unusual. It is for this reason that art painting has become so popular today, because it gives unlimited opportunities for creativity and brought a lot of new ideas to the modern interior.

Materials for painting walls today also amaze the inexperienced person. Among the most popular are:

oil paints;
Latex paints;
Water-emulsion paints;
Colorless paints, which are consecrated in the dark or in the light of fluorescent lamps, etc.
Acrylic paints are very popular among the above materials, as they have high quality characteristics, fit well, have a wide color range and various “special effects”, and also have good adhesion to other materials.

In addition, today is quite popular graphic wall painting, more known to us as graffiti. If earlier this technique was more often used to paint facades and other elements in the exterior design, today you can meet very successful work done in this style, and in the interior, as various public buildings, and in private apartments.

Of great importance, among other things, is not only the materials for painting, but also a well-chosen theme. The ideas of wall painting are quite diverse and they should be noted.

What and how to draw on the wall?

If you do not know what and how to draw on the wall, then you can turn to the classic options that have already been “invented” to you:

In the kitchen, landscapes or still-lifes are often painted on the walls;
For the bathtub will suit paintings in the style of seascapes or underwater landscapes;
In the living room often draw portraits, copies of famous canvases or, for example, draw on the walls of libraries, fireplaces or other decor elements;
Walls in the nursery can be painted with scenes from your favorite cartoons or decorated in graffiti style, if it is a teenager’s room;
The bedroom is well complemented by landscapes or graphic drawings, etc.
The most important moment, after you have selected the style, theme and materials for the embodiment of your ideas – is to find a good master who can accurately transfer all your ideas to the walls of your house. Such masters work at GoldArtLine and offer their services in creating original interior solutions, regardless of their direction and location. We know how to paint the ceiling in the temple, and how to create a children’s room that will surely please your baby.

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