Copper seam roof is becoming more popular today and is in high demand. Roofing from natural materials is a very fashionable trend, which has become an excellent alternative to modern roofs made of synthetic materials. The copper roof has, among other things, a high aesthetics and looks very original and exquisite.

Metal roofing has a number of undeniable advantages:

  • resistance to various external influences;
  • practically unlimited lifetime;
  • resistance to corrosion;
  • payback for 30 years;
  • plasticity, which allows creating interesting bends;
  • acceptable cost in comparison with other materials;
  • simplicity of mounting a copper roof;
  • ability to retain and not to pass moisture;
  • high aesthetic properties;
  • the possibility of carrying out maintenance repair directly on the roof, etc.

This is not a complete list of the benefits that can be obtained by preferring a roof of copper. Unlike other metals, copper under the influence of oxidation does not rip, does not lose its properties and does not collapse. It should be borne in mind that the roof of copper initially has a lighter shade, but over time it acquires a darker deep color, which only gives the roof a special charm.

Types and benefits of a copper roof

Today, there are several ways to produce copper roofing. By its design it can be divided into:

  • tiles made of copper;
  • a copper checker;
  • seamed roof.

Of course, the seam roof is today the most popular because it has a very aesthetic appearance and excellent quality characteristics. Masters claim that the service life of such a roof is at least 200 years. At the same time throughout this time the roof does not lose its properties.

Metal roof is good in that it provides an opportunity for the embodiment of original ideas. The preference of the master is given to the seam roof because it does not have holes and fasteners, which means that it will be more reliable and qualitative in terms of operational properties.

Technologies can be different and can be made as single or double fold. In this double folding is more reliable and allows you to perform truly high-quality products. The advantage of a single fold is the speed of work on the manufacture of metal products. The cost of a single rebate, respectively, is slightly lower than the cost of a double rebate, but it is somewhat inferior to it in quality characteristics, and therefore you should, first of all, decide what is more important to you – the speed of work or the highest possible quality.

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