It is for those who are not attracted by a variety of stylistic additions, having the form, for example, stucco finishing and bright stained glass windows. This style will attract fans of direct forms, restrained finishing and selection of elements only from the side of their usefulness. The word “minimalism” already defines the basis of style – uncomplicated and simple.

Style concept
The main features of minimalism:

  • Complete rejection of a variety of decor and patterns;
  • Furniture and related accessories are present, but without any frills;
  • Restraint of forms, the predominance of smooth lines;
  • Color emphasis on black, gray and white;
  • Room lighting is natural. In the dark, hidden sources are used;
  • The use of textiles is allowed only on beds.

It turns out quite a sad picture. But even designers recommend not to go to extremes in the design of the room. Minimalism has positive aspects, on the basis of which there is the possibility of giving the room the desired comfort.

Color design

The restriction on colors does not mean giving up the use of their shades. For example, a light gray tone can be warm. To revitalize the interior, you can use green or yellow. However, this color will be a little: limited to some detail or piece of furniture.
In minimalism, it is permissible to play on the contrast of colors in combination, for example, black and white, blue and blue.
A special effect in this interior gives dark furniture with light walls.
In minimalism, wood and stone are also actively used. Therefore, it is appropriate to use rocks of different shades.

Walls and floor

On the walls for painting choose wallpaper, devoid of drawing and painted in the desired color. In minimalism, gypsum stucco, characteristic of classical design, as well as all sorts of arches is unacceptable.

On the floor it will look good monochrome carpet, thanks to him, it becomes softer dull almost bare walls. Increasingly used and self-leveling floors.
The interior of the style allows the use of laminate, however, devoid of pattern. Not bad harmonizes with the general concept of minimalism floor, imitated under the boardwalk.

Lots of space and little decor

Minimalism requires renouncing unnecessary elements and ceilings should be devoid of any decorations. Light sources are built-in.
One of the trends of minimalist style is the maximum openness of space. To do this, combine two or more rooms. For zoning is permissible use of glass partitions.
First of all, attention is focused on functionality, relegating the appearance of objects to the background.

Nowadays, the demand for minimalism as a style for the decoration of residential interiors and in commercial premises is particularly high. But if you still want to buy stucco in Ukraine, and use it in your interior, call us, our specialists will select ready-made solutions from the catalog or develop an individual offer.