Over time, life has put before the specialists of the corporation “Ukrrestavratsiya” another very difficult problem: the problem of reconstruction, restoration of previously destroyed shrines of the Ukrainian people. On the threshold of the third millennium and the 2000th anniversary of the Nativity of Christ, the Mikhailovsky Golden-domed Monastery and the Assumption Cathedral of the Kiev-Pechersk Lavra appeared from non-existence, which for centuries were symbolic spiritual symbols of our people. The rebuilding of the shrines took place in accordance with the decree of the President of Ukraine L. D. Kuchma No. 20/96 – rp dated January 27, 1996. “On urgent measures to restore the St. Michael’s Golden-Domed Monastery complex and the Assumption Cathedral of the Kiev-Pechersk Lavra in Kiev.” And orders Chairman of the Kyiv City State Administration A.A. Omelchenko No. 870 dated 12.06.96 and No. 1377 dated 09.09.97 “On Amendments and Addenda to the disposal of the Kiev City State Administration dated 12.06.96 No. 870”. These shrines were reproduced by experts of the corporation “Ukrrestavratsiya”, which is the head organization in the state with the restoration of monuments and is directly involved in the revival of outstanding objects. The processes of the sacralization of society, which appeared in Ukraine during its independence, are a good sign that we are building a truly democratic, civilized, spiritually rich state, because the fact that the economic prosperity of the state is directly dependent on the spiritual and cultural level of society’s development is well known. .

The revival of such a significant object in its spiritual, architectural and artistic properties, like the Assumption Cathedral of the Kiev-Pechersk Lavra, has become for restorers of the Ukrainian Special Scientific-Restoration Design and Construction and Production Corporation Ukrrestavracia a difficult test of skill, they have successfully withstood.

Today, when the people of Kiev and guests of the capital admire the beautiful Assumption Cathedral, which emerged from the ruins, when numerous discussions about restoration, problems and the search for constructive solutions and their coordination were left behind, so to speak, “behind the scenes” there was one unique reproduction process and This publication is an attempt to once again plunge into the past years and make readers witnesses and participants in the restoration of the cathedral.

From the words of the President of the Ukrainian Special Scientific and Restoration Design and Construction and Production Corporation Ukr Restoration, whose specialists selflessly work on restoring and rebuilding architectural monuments, the Assumption Cathedral is a special object filled with deep sacred meaning. This is not just a monument of architecture, which has certain unique architectural elements, harmonious proportions and composition, this object should be perceived primarily as the House of Our Lady, which, according to legend, itself called Byzantine architects to the banks of the distant Dnieper and ordered to build here a magnificent temple honour. Considering the extraordinary importance of this monument, this cathedral, not only for the people of Ukraine, but also for the entire Orthodox world, all search, research, design, repair and restoration construction works were carried out at such a high quality level.