The project of organizing the restoration of the Assumption Cathedral was adjusted according to the standards for the “Project” stage on the basis of the designs and drawings of the working documentation in accordance with the customer’s letter. As noted by the restoration organization project, the size of the cathedral in the plan is 45×45 m, its height is 47.95 m, the foundations with the use of injection piles in the existing ancient foundations and the monolithic reinforced concrete grillage, brick walls 1.3-1.6 m thick, brick floors and coatings, monolithic reinforced concrete arches, at the floor level of the second tier, a resistance diaphragm from prefabricated reinforced concrete slabs on metal beams, a roof made of wooden structures covered with copper sheet, baths with a metal frame With a wooden crate first coated with copper and gilded.

During the development project of the organization of construction were used:

– materials of archaeological research carried out by the Institute of Archeology of the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine;

– Protocol of instructions, developed during the production meeting of September 23, 1996 on the implementation of the order of the President of Ukraine on January 27, 1996, No. 20/93-rp “On priority measures to restore … the Assumption Cathedral of the Kiev-Pechersk Lavra”;

– materials of topographical, geological and hydrogeological studies carried out by Kyivproekt OJSC;

– the decision on the use of building materials and structures, methods of organizing construction and means of mechanization of construction and installation works, agreed with the contractor, as well as the procedure for providing construction with water, electricity, steam, local building materials;

– the construction of brick walls and arches;

– installation of domes made on a separate site from separate elements – baths, drums, domes, as well as installation of crosses;

– roofing;

tinkoo works – external and internal;

– special plumbing and electrical work;

finishing work.