Today, the use of composite materials in many areas of our lives is justified by their high quality characteristics and democratic value. Use in the interiors and exteriors of natural materials, of course, has its advantages, but it also has one undeniable shortcoming – quite a high cost. The production of fiberglass products permanently solved this problem. Today, in construction, composite materials are widely used, which have excellent technical and quality characteristics.

As a rule, a composite material is a symbiosis of natural and synthetic materials, which allows you to combine all the necessary properties and characteristics necessary to create truly high-quality products. Such plastic products have high consumer properties, namely:

  • strength and durability;
  • ease and ease of installation;
  • variety of color solutions;
  • high ecological compatibility;
  • ergonomics of materials;
  • unlimited scope of application;
  • opportunities to find creative solutions, etc.

All these properties can be competently used to create interior and exterior solutions, garden and park decor and other ideas in construction. Manufacturers of materials guarantee, with proper care and proper use, an almost unlimited lifespan. Why did this become possible? Due to the unique composition, which provides the above prerogatives.

What are fiberglass products?

Products made of plastic are manufactured today by the most modern technologies and high-tech equipment. Typically, this material has the following composition:

  • Fiberglass filler;
  • binder;
  • modifying additives.

It is in the modifying additives that the secrets of all unlimited possibilities of fiberglass are often hidden. It is thanks to such additives that GRP acquires its own color and various technical characteristics and properties. Polyester resin can be used as an upper, laminating layer, which gives the material not only high quality characteristics, but also a high aesthetics.

Manufacture of products from fiberglass is a rather labor-intensive process, requiring considerable skills, knowledge, and technological equipment. The production of such products is now being handled by Gold Art Line.

We offer custom-made fiberglass products or finished products that you can see by visiting our studio. The cost of fiberglass products from our company is quite democratic, and we are always ready to take up an object with quite large volumes and regardless of the purpose and use. We have convenient methods of payment and transparent contractual obligations. For more detailed information, you can always contact our specialists by contacting them via the phones listed in the section “Contacts“.