For the conduct of stone work need to perform horizontal waterproofing of walls. In the walls under construction, the grillage floor consists of a copper sheet, on the leveling layer of cement-sand mortar in the existing walls, to perform waterproofing in accordance with chemical and technological recommendations (1-08-02). Vertical waterproofing of the walls, which are joined to the soil, should be done by plastering hot bitumen twice.

Conservation and reinforcement of existing walls should be carried out in accordance with chemical and technological recommendations (1-08-03) and design solutions (IU-02-02).

The laying of new walls with the effective brick of plastic pressing in the wasteland of the brand M 100 with a frost resistance of 35 cycles in a complex solution (cement, lime, sand) of the brand M 50. The proportion of components of the solution is 1: 0.9: 6.

The walls are reinforced with reinforcing mesh through 4 rows, pylons – through 3 rows.

Laying the walls of the church of St. John the Baptist perform from plinfa on cement mortar with buttering granite stones (boulders) with successive collapsing and protruding rows of plinfs. A leveling layer of a piece of cement with undercutting to the projecting rows is applied on the falling rows of the plinths.

The interior of the church of John the Baptist is performed in the ancient way. Pale pink plasters (lime mortar with crushed brick added) are divided into 13.5 cm wide strips in one row of plinths.

Brick traction, cornices, belts, framing window and door openings to perform on the model of the existing drawings of this project (IU-01-02).

When laying walls in the openings, lay wooden plugs for fastening joinery at least 2 on each side.

The laying of the walls from the outside in the areas of contact of the basement to the ledge. Marks of the ledge are indicated on the masonry fragments (IU-04-02).