Whatever they say, Ukraine, which today is a fairly young state on the political map of the world, has a rich national culture and its own cultural heritage. Unfortunately, only very recently many of us have acutely felt not only nationality and national identity, but also felt the urgent need to preserve and restore the cultural heritage of Ukrainians. Self-identification during the existence of the USSR was suppressed at the state level, but today nothing more can prevent the Ukrainians from preserving and multiplying their own cultural, historical and national heritage.

Architectural monuments of Ukraine today are carefully guarded both at the state level and local level, as they have become significant for each of us as never before. Our task today is to preserve, multiply and leave to our children the memory of historical events, both old and modern. Unfortunately, today many historical monuments and buildings require restoration of facades, preservation and restoration, and therefore the master-designers of the company Gold Art Line today more than ever work. Work is significant and necessary, to which we treat with special trepidation.

Projects on the restoration of cultural and architectural monuments

Restoration of any complexity is a priority in the work of the team of Gold Art Line. We work not only in large cities of Ukraine, but also on the periphery, where there are especially many monuments of culture and national values ​​for reconstruction and restoration.

Among the projects successfully implemented by our masters are the following:

Restoration of churches (facade, painting walls and arches, restoration of domes, decoration with gold leaf, creating frescoes, etc.);
Restoration of sculptures, obelisks, monuments and other architectural forms from a wide variety of materials;
Restoration of objects and institutions of culture (restoration of facades, column halls, internal works, etc.);
Reconstruction of residential buildings of the last century and not only, but also private residences and estates of historical significance or located in private estates, etc.

All works are performed with the use of the most modern materials and techniques for their artificial aging, which allows the buildings and structures to be restored to their original appearance. We carry out projects of any complexity, both for individual customers, and for project managers at the state level. In addition, the team of Gold Art Line performs the full range of services for the restoration of buildings and other facilities, which allows you not to attract outside specialists.

Favorable conditions of cooperation and transparent contracts, democratic prices and high quality of work are just not a complete list of the benefits that you get by working with Gold Art Line. More detailed information you can get from our managers by contacting them by the phones listed in the section of our website “Contacts”.