Roof works, the price of which is more than democratic – the most important stage of construction of any building or structure, as a private house, and for other purposes. For the roof, not only the aesthetic component is important, since the appearance of the roof, although it plays a role in completing the entire architectural ensemble, but should, among other things, be distinguished by high quality characteristics in view of the operating conditions

A roof is an element that is always subject to various external influences. Low quality often leads to the fact that it deforms, collapses and creates a lot of unnecessary problems. To prevent leakage or destruction, you need very carefully choose metal for the roof. It is metal roofs today in fashion along with other natural and environmentally friendly materials that can be found today not only in Europe, but also in Ukraine, where the fashion for ecological construction has also reached.

It can not be said that the installation of metal roofing has a higher cost than similar work with other materials. This is due to the availability of materials and ease of installation. However, the installation of the roof has its own characteristics, which form the final cost of roofing works.

Roofing process

Technically, the arrangement of the roof is a rather laborious process, which consists of several stages:

  • If it is a non-new building, then dismantling will be required. The existing roofing covering, the roofing system, the drainage system, the heater, etc., are also to be dismantled.
  • The device of basic wooden structures. At this stage, it may be necessary to perform such work as the installation of a stepped crate or other types of it.
  • Installation of metal roofing “turnkey” from the manufacture of a seam or other coating to the actual installation of the finished structure.
  • Installation of additional elements, such as gable eaves, ebbs, snow retention systems, dormers, etc.
  • Installation and arrangement of a quality and reliable drainage system.
  • The device of cornices and sections.

All these works are simply necessary to ensure that the roofing is aesthetic and has high performance characteristics. Qualitatively made roofing is guaranteed to have a service life of at least 200 years. Calculation of the roof takes into account all the features, including – the need to perform and install non-standard elements. The presence of the need to use non-standard elements can cause the cost of production and installation of the roof to increase slightly. In some cases, without such non-standard elements, it is not possible to manage.

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