When performing a skin process, it is necessary to use flow charts-schemes, which determine the technology, organization and economy of complex repair and restoration processes and contain mandatory rules. The execution of a particular type of work is an integral part of the project.

In technological schemes, floods should indicate: methods: beating the restoration object in height into longlines; and safety regulations.

Technological sequence Performance of works depends on especially constructive monuments and accepted methods of their implementation and should be established by CPD.

Development of ERP and PRD according to DBN is assigned to the contracting organization and agreed with the customer, technological schemes – to the design, research institutions and scientific and technological division of the restoration industry.

Specialists of JSC “Kyivproekt” was a warehouse and visions in 1999, the project of the organization of construction (POS) of the Assumption Cathedral. The construction project consisted of three sections:

  1. Explanatory note.
  2. A) General data. Characteristics of construction conditions.
  3. B) Preparatory period. Stroygenplan.
  4. B) The need for construction in open storage areas. Transfer base.
  5. D) Justification of the methods of work.
  6. D) Performance of work in the winter period.
  7. E) Instructions on the methods of performing instrumental control.
  8. G) A list of special auxiliary facilities, devices, appliances, storage temporary structures and networks.

3) Occupational safety measures.

  1. I) storage conditions of the environment.
  2. K) Justification of the accepted duration of construction.

Ii. Application. Schedule needs for basic construction vehicles and vehicles.

Iii. The grafical part.

  1. A) General data.
  2. B) Stroygenplan preparatory period.
  3. B) Stroygenplan for the main period of construction (on 2 sheets).
  4. D) The layout of the installation sites under the drilling machine for the period of the device of the drilling-injection foundation piles.
  5. D) Engineering networks. Stroygenplan (on 2 sheets).
  6. E) Engineering networks. Technological schemes of work production (on 4 sheets).