For many years of its existence, the institute Ukrproektrestavratsiya has accumulated a lot of experience rebuilding architectural monuments, which was used in the development of the restoration project of the Assumption Cathedral. Considering the availability of a draft project and part of the working documentation, as well as a large amount of research, the institute was able to quickly complete the necessary revision of the project documentation and ensure that the Assumption Cathedral was reproduced by the efforts of Ukrrestavratsiya Corporation.

Due to the fact that developed in 1986-1991. The design and estimate documentation for the reconstruction of the cathedral was outdated, it was supposed to be carried out by a comprehensive program in 1996-1997. At the first stage, the development of the scientific concept of the reproduction of the Assumption Cathedral and at the second stage – additional architectural, archaeological and engineering research and their generalization; at stage III, the development of a draft restoration project.

General Designer JSC “Kievproject” was instructed, to develop a restoration project to conclude an agreement with the Institute “Ukrproektrestavratsiya” with

– Research Institute of Building Structures (NIISK)

– Kiev National University of Construction and Architecture (KNUSA)

– institutes of archeology and geology of the National Academy of Sciences (NAS) of Ukraine.

The program of work provided for scientific research on the study of the engineering-geological and hydrogeological situation not only under the “spot” of the Assumption Cathedral, but also the surrounding territory of the Upper Lavra with buildings located on it and determining the impact of the restoration of the cathedral on the adjacent building and on the overall stability of the platform of the Upper Lavra .

The works were carried out in accordance with the Order of the President of Ukraine No. 20/96 rp dated January 27, 1996 “On Priority Measures for the Restoration of the St. Michael’s Monastery complex and the Assumption Cathedral of the Kiev-Pechersk Lavra in Kiev”, and the Order of the Kiev City State Administration No. 870 dated 12.06.96, approved the sequence of priority work on the reconstruction of the Assumption Cathedral. The construction customer has determined the Kiev-Pechersk Nature Reserve Directorate, the general designer – Kyivproekt JSC, the general contractor – Kievgorstroy.

The customer, the Reserve together with the involved specialists, developed a comprehensive work program for rebuilding the cathedral, approved by the Chairman of the Kyiv City State Administration on November 27, 1996 in coordination with the Gosstroi, the Ministry of Culture and the Commission on Reproduction of Historical and Cultural Sights under the President of Ukraine.

In February-March 1998, the Ministry of Culture and Gosstroy, with the participation of the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine, studied the issue of announcing a competition for the best restoration project of the Assumption Cathedral and came to the conclusion that it can be carried out after completing a complex of geotechnical and archaeological research that will form the basis of competition.

After the completion of these works in 1998, Gosstroy, the Ministry of Culture and the Kyiv City State Administration decided on the need for a competition.

The responsibility and complexity of this problem is yours and that, in 1990, the Kiev-Pechersk Lavra ensemble included UNESCO on the World Cultural Heritage List and since then, the Lavra ensemble has been monitored by the international community, and therefore any work carried out here must meet internationally recognized scientific criteria.