As is known, the implementation of construction and road works in the winter period is much more complicated, and the risk of reducing the quality of structures built, especially monolithic reinforced concrete structures, masonry, earth mounds and pavement, increases. Complications of the technology of performing work in the winter without a change in the construction period are accompanied, as a rule, by their appreciation through the use of special mechanisms and the carrying out of various technical measures.

The project envisaged for the period of performing brickwork in the winter period the device of volumetric heat tank with panels made of sheet metal and fibreboard filled with foam plastic. The constructive developments of the heat body and the functional scheme of its work at the cathedral were placed in the section project of the work. In addition, when conducting masonry work during the winter period, it was recommended to use antifreeze additives (sodium nitrite) in accordance with the recommendations of NTL “Conrest”.

The expediency of manufacturing concrete and reinforced concrete structures by the “thermos” method was proved, using thermoactive insulation if necessary. Laying joints when installing precast concrete structures in the winter period was recommended to be performed using electric heating.

Tinker and painting works could only be performed in warm rooms, and for this purpose permanent heating systems were installed in the buildings, and if they were not possible, conventional heaters were developed by Glavkievgorstroy.

Immersion of I-pillars fixing excavations in frozen soils was carried out in pre-drilled wells to the depth of soil freezing.

Coatings and bases of asphalt-concrete mixtures should be arranged in dry weather. The conclusion of hot and cold mixtures is not enough to take place in spring and summer at an ambient temperature not lower than 5 ° C in spring and not lower than 10 ° C in autumn, and laying asphalt-concrete mixtures is not enough to end approximately fifteen days before the beginning of the autumn rains, except for mixtures with activated mineral materials.