The development of engineering technologies and the sphere of design has recently been inextricably linked, because to implement creative ideas, effective tools are needed. Today, artists and decorators have access to many tools to create truly unique products with minimal time and resources. For example, gold plating of any surfaces in the interior and exterior, in itself the pleasure is not cheap. However, at present, there are various ways to simulate a gold coating, much more pleasant in price, while retaining all the necessary visual and operational characteristics.

One of the most common methods for obtaining a “golden” effect is gold plating, whose price is significantly lower than gold plating with gold leaf.

The scope of potla is wide enough and covers the gilding of products of various categories:

  • furniture and interior items;
  • metal constructions;
  • objects of church use;
  • picture frames;
  • stucco for the ceiling;
  • accessories and decoration items.

As you can see, artificial gilding is a real find for the designer, as it allows to transform literally any product, giving it a noble golden shine. Especially popular is gilding potalju in classical interiors: the magnificent glow of gold is ideal for picking out exquisite antique furniture and rich decor.

Gold gilding of silver deserves special attention. Silver products have enough strength and durability to decorate your home for many years, and applying a gold coating not only makes them more aesthetic, but also adds additional valuable properties, such as resistance to corrosion and the impact of aggressive environmental factors.

Gilding and not only: options for decorating interiors

Gorgeous looks in the interior stucco molding with gilding. Brilliant spraying adds extra appeal to the volumetric elements of stucco patterns, makes them bright and original. The theme of stucco ornamentation is selected depending on the general style of your room. It can be a minimalistic decoration of the ceiling surface along the perimeter in the form of a frame from a relief molded plait, or the creation of an entire composition of stucco patterns with floral and plant elements.

More detailed study of this design direction you can by reading the examples of finished works. To do this, just enter a search query: gypsum plaster moldings photo – and on the screen there will be a lot of options for the design of stucco items using gilding. You will only have to choose the most suitable solution.

Paradoxically, gilding in interiors perfectly matches the patina. What is patina? This is an artificial aging of the surfaces, which gives the products literally an antique look. In other words, patination of furniture, accessories or decorations allows creating an atmosphere of a cozy antique interior.

A skillful combination of patination and gilding technologies can result in an absolute transformation of the room. For example, if you artificially age the wooden surfaces of furniture products (countertops, doors, shelves, etc.), and their metal parts covered with gold, adding to all this splendor the sumptuous decor – you get a ready interior of the Renaissance! Another option: gilding stucco in combination and patinated mirrors or metal furniture surfaces. This combination is suitable for rooms in the Art Deco, Art Nouveau and neoclassical interiors.