The project of reconstruction of the Assumption Cathedral was developed in accordance with the order of the President of Ukraine No. 20/96-rp dated January 27, 1996

The basis for the development of the project are:

Architectural and planning task No. 870 from 12.06.96.

Restoration task dated January 17, 1998.

– The concept of reproduction of the Assumption Cathedral, approved on July 9, 1998.

– Research work.

Outline design of the reconstruction of the cathedral, agreed by the Town Planning Council under the chief architect of Kiev (Minutes No. 191c of 2.09.98), the Scientific and Methodological Council for the protection and restoration of monuments of urban planning and architecture of the Gosstroy of Ukraine (Decision No. 50 / 7 of 09/30/98).

The project of repair and restoration work provides for the reproduction of the Assumption Cathedral in the forms of the XVIII century.

Restoration of the cathedral is carried out using traditional materials that provide constructive reliability and long-term operation of the building.

Scientific design documentation is also provided.

– ensuring the safety of graves and measures to streamline the necropolis of the Assumption Cathedral;

– The restoration of the cathedral should not lead to the destruction and damage to other attractions. Measures for the restoration of the Assumption Cathedral should be adjusted with a corresponding strengthening of structures, buildings located nearby, as well as underground structures and the reconstruction of utilities, a set of measures to preserve the cathedral and its historical environment;

– When designing the interior of the cathedral, it is necessary to make maximum use of historical sources that make it possible to reproduce the painting, the iconostasis and other architectural elements of the church.

Developed by the Scientific and restoration project documentation provides the following indicators: Construction volume 38000.00 m3

Built-up area 2025 m2

The total area of ​​1879 m2

Useful area of ​​1789 m2

General requirements and decisions made: A relative mark of +/- 0.000 corresponds to a geodetic mark of 187.860.

When performing construction work in the winter, you should be guided by the relevant chapters of SNiP P-22-81, as well as chemical and technological recommendations for the performance of masonry work at sub-zero temperatures (1-08-01).

All joinery and metal products must be marked by the manufacturer for transfer to the customer.

For ease of reading the drawings, the numbering of the axes and the marking of window and door openings are common to all design stages.

For fire protection wooden construction, as an option, take the composition

ammonium sulfate (GOST 9097-82) – 10% diamonium phosphate (GOST 8515-75) – 10% sodium fluoride (GOST 2871-75) – 3% water 77%

The executors are allowed to perform fire-bioprotective works if they have a license for these works.

On the architectural drawings of the construction conditionally not shown, the development and labeling of structural elements, see the drawings of the COP; CD; QOL

The device of the blind area and drainage of water from the site developed in the project of improvement.

Water flow from the roof of the building is provided for intra-par. The diameter of cast iron pipes 250 mm.

Heating of the premises of the cathedral air. Air supply is carried out on the existing underground channels. Technical premises are located in the basement of the Refectory Church.