Facade decoration portfolio

Facade decoration portfolio

Such different decorative facade

The decorative facade is one of the most popular trends in contemporary art of architecture. Typical buildings and stone mansions are no longer as popular as pompous buildings in the classical or the Baroque style. What does such decorative design include and what variations are Gold Art Line specialists willing to offer to their old and new customers?

The classical style in architecture and the Baroque old style are first of all distinguished by the fact that they are full of undisguised luxury which they do not try to hide. The facade decoration executed in this style is rich in most intricate elements, namely:

  • balusters as staircases or balconies decorative elements;
  • the capital or the top of the column;
  • the base or the bottom of the column;
  • molding or cornices between floors;
  • arches;
  • supporting elements of window sills;
  • platbands;
  • ornaments on the facade are flat or volumetric;
  • small sculptural forms (masks, etc.);
  • rozettes;
  • corner elements – rustic works;
  • panels, friezes and much more.

Unlike other masters, who often work with artificial materials and use ready-made facade decorations, the masters of The Gold Art Line Company create unique hand-made masterpieces made of natural materials, which makes it possible to implement projects of any complexity level.

Facade stucco work made from the following materials: concrete, fibrous concrete, cast stone…

Today, there are many ready-made elements that are used to artistically decorate the facades of buildings. There is one essential drawback in such products: they often resemble each other like twin brothers and they have standard shapes and sizes that are not always appropriate and they do not look original enough. Handmade stucco work is a real piece of art. Even having a great desire, the master often cannot repeat his own works twice, and therefore the decor of the house facade created by the specialists of Gold Art Line is always a new story, a unique masterpiece.

In addition, facade stucco work has a number of other undeniable advantages:

  • ecological compatibility;
  • high aesthetic qualities;
  • durability;
  • the ability to easily repair certain elements if they were damaged;
  • the possibility of manufacturing directly on the site or in the workshops of our studio;
  • resistance to external and mechanical influences, etc.

Our masters have successfully implemented many projects, both individual and socially significant, in Ukraine (in Kiev) as well as in the other cities of the near abroad. You can familiarize yourself with the works of our craftsmen by looking at the photo of the stucco decor on the facades of buildings presented in our portfolio.

If you need an original one-of-a-kind facade decor, then we are happy to help you both in creating an individual project and in implementing it until it becomes so to say “readymade”.

The prices for the services of our company’s masters are quite democratic and affordable. The contractual terms are transparent and honest. We offer our customers a variety of most modern methods of payment for services, as well as only the best materials and highly qualified professionals who have a creative approach to any new project. Visit our office, we are always glad to meet new acquaintances and to get interesting projects for implementation.

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