The finishing work of the Assumption Cathedral was carried out in this order: the roof and gutters should be made of roofing copper with a sheet thickness of 06 mm fold.

Baths and baths complete cover with copper sheets 400×400 mm in checker.

The roof of the main volume and weirs of cornices and window sills cover with oil paint (chromium oxide) for two times.

The roof of the domes, the completion of the baths, crosses and rapid gold plated. Gilding work to perform in accordance with technology gilding work during restoration.

Painting the facades to perform weather-resistant paint with glitter stucco decoration with gilding.

Facing the basement of the cathedral with granite slabs according to design solutions.

Window and internal door blocks are leaked out with hot linseed oil, followed by lacquer coating “Lakmadekor” TU U 6-00200625 030-96.

External metal doors, window fills of baths and gables should be painted with oil paint for two times, the color according to the passport.

Decorative overlays on metal doors after painting lick gold.

Dismantle the existing granite steps and the salt floor, restore damaged front surfaces and carry out the installation according to the design solutions (4-01-06).

The working drawings for the main repair, restoration and construction and installation work on the restoration of the Assumption Cathedral were basically completed.

The team of authors was faced with the difficult task of developing research and design documentation for finishing the facades and interiors of the cathedral, iconostasis projects and painting.