Manufacture of products from fiberglass – this is the sphere that has interested many businessmen today. This is not surprising, because such production, according to analysts, today has enough bright prospects for development. Today for the domestic consumer this material still seems new and provoking doubts, but very soon many will understand, one hundred fiberglass is material of the present and the future. Now is the time when fiberglass, thanks to its characteristics, began to push out some other materials from the market, including natural ones, such as stone or wood.
Natural materials, of course, are today the standard of style, but their high cost does not allow mass introduction of eco-technology into life. The production of composite materials consisting of a matrix and a basic reinforcing substance allows creating unmatched imitations of natural materials of high quality, but at a price that has become available to a wider range of consumers.
The scope of application of fiberglass is very wide and diverse. Today it is effectively used in the following areas:
• Automotive industry;
• shipbuilding as a prerogative direction of production activity;
• building;
• manufacture of products that meet public needs (mailboxes, booths for payphones, rails, garbage cans, etc.);
• Power engineering;
• installation of sewerage systems and water supply systems, etc.
Such wide application is due to high qualitative characteristics and chemical and physical properties that make the production of fiberglass products a promising industry. In addition, we offer you a wide range of products that are manufactured using a special technology using polyester resin. This component, when it is introduced into the technological process, allows to obtain even more interesting and important quality characteristics.
Polyester resin products are widely used not only in industry, but also in production processes for the production of decorative products. Such products, among other things, are very resistant to the effects of any, including salt, water, and therefore they are often used for making artificial corals and other decor for aquariums and other decorative elements of interiors. It is worth noting the environmental friendliness and safety of polyester resins. Products made from this material absolutely do not emit toxic substances and are safe for health, both people and inhabitants of aquariums.

Manufacturing of forms or matrices

In addition to the fact that we ourselves produce polymer products, we propose to engage in similar creativity to all comers. If you are engaged in construction and carry out large objects and large-scale projects, you can order in our workshops forms or matrix for making decor of various shapes or other similar products.
We work, as they say, on a turn-key basis and perform the manufacturing of forms of any complexity by individual order. Having this form, you can independently produce decorative elements according to the existing template. If you do not know how to make a matrix of fiberglass, you can contact us and order finished products or a template form.
Gold Art Line offers:
• only modern materials with high quality characteristics;
• advantageous working conditions;
• own production facilities;
• Execution of orders on time;
• transparent terms of the contract;
• the most modern payment methods and other prerogatives.
Call us now and we will produce for you decorative elements with high artistic value, high aesthetics and excellent quality characteristics. Our phones and other contact information can be easily found in the section of our website “Contacts“.